Gay Travel to Cardiff Wales

Cardiff’s sequins and glitter

By Sebastian Saenz @sebastiaenz

Madrid, San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta, even Tel Aviv… gay tourists have plenty of locations to chose from all over the world to let themselves go. However, personal experiences have taught me that, even though some gay Meccas are true musts, gay tourists shouldn’t overlook some little places that actually may have a lot to offer, such as Cardiff, Wales.

This city is truly underrated. I myself have not even heard its name until my early twenties, when I was looking for universities to get my masters degree. All I’ve ever heard of Wales (like most people) was that certain controversial and beautiful princess from there died in a tragic car accident in the 90s. Apparently, people into sports (ew) may have also heard from the Welsh rugby or soccer teams. However, Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones are from Cardiff, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins and Duffy are Welsh, and Rihanna, Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue have included Cardiff in their tours.

Surprisingly, when I got to the tiny nation, my inner tourist was amused by the friendliness of the locals, the unexpected masses of international students, the delicious (and zero-diet-friendly) welsh cakes, the sublime Millennium Centre, the outstanding Millennium Stadium (which I actually visited a few times, I swear), the nice bay, the peaceful Bute Park (great to watch topless guys playing Frisbee when it’s warm), the overwhelming National Museum and Art Gallery (which portrays a wing for local LGBTQ personalities), the artistic Chapter Center, and the historic Castle. Mostly a city of “uni” students, Cardiff may be surrounded by sheep and hills, but it is not pretentious like posh London. Everything is walkable and cheaper!

There is another thing that most people outside the UK also ignore about Cardiff: it is the British Vegas. People from the whole continent visit it during long summer weekends to have fun, drink and dance with no inhibitions. People find any reason to wear costumes. Bars are open since lunch time till three or four in the morning. Of course, Friday and Saturday nights are always busy, but if you’re thirsty on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon, you’ll even find a small crowd in most bars. This obviously comes with some perks, such as barefoot ladies with bright talons, drag queen makup and flashy leggins avoiding piss puddles outside The Live Lounge (the college bar par excellence) on their way to Maccy D, or cheeto-tanned muscular lads from the Valleys having chicken curry and chips and taking selfies with cops before heading to The Prince of Wales (two pitchers for 12 quid). And the atmosphere gets even wilder during rugby game days (broadcasted at any bar, gay or straight), because even though the game may be from two to five, true Welsh people drink from dawn til the last straight man wearing a bachelorette party veil stands semi-conscious.

Shall we start with options for our community? Due to the young population, Cardiff has a broad mind, and pretty much the whole city is friendly. You can spot a few same sex couples holding hands on St. Mary St. or Queen St. If you stay long enough, pretty soon you’ll start running into the same people all the time (the population is around the 325 thousand), but for such a tiny city, there are numerous gay (and very straight friendly) options concentrated at the City Center (barhopping is almost mandatory). Icon is great to start drinking (ask for a deadly Glitter Bomb), drag shows, contests and show tunes of Wow are broadly famous, Minsky’s is huge for hen nights, Locker Room is the gay sauna, bears concentrate at Eagle (duh), daddies at The Golden Cross, and most students from LGBTQ uni societies enjoy dancing at the Pulse basement. If possible, try to visit during the Mardi Grass. Oh, and before I forget, Cardiff may not be a fashion capital of the world (Londoners actually consider it a tad tacky) but if you’re in a shopping mood, St. David’s mall and Primark will satisfy your labels thirst.

Getting used to the strong accent is completely worth the experience, Love. Be ready for one pint after the other, but culture and warm smiles as well. Don’t forget to get an issue of Attitude Magazine to have material to break the ice. Oggy Oggy Oggy Oi Oi Oi!


Gay Travel to PARIS France

A gay tourist in Paris

By Sebastián Sáenz @sebastiaenz



Last time I checked, Paris is the most visited city by tourists every year in the world. I cannot tell you a lot of new things about the romance of the river, the imperial buildings, the ancient streets, the traditional monuments, the countless museums or the vibe that has inspired artists for centuries. What I can tell you is how a gay tourist can make the most out of it. Of course any tourist with a little self respect must visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Opera, Champs Élysées, the Seine and the Arc of Triumph (which might take at least two very organized and tiring days). And there will always be plenty of other things to do: Le Sacré-Cœur, L’Orangerie, Le Musee d’Orsay, walking tours, bus tours, night tours and Versailles (which is a bit away from the city, so don’t forget to check times and dates in advance, and block almost a whole day). Let’s start with some basics:

First of all, I beg you: regarding food, stay away from all international fast food chains (you may also apply this at home). This is one of the most exquisite cuisines in the world, with centuries of tradition. I’m not saying that you should invest thousands of euros every night in an extravagant confit du canard and pâté with champagne. I’m just suggesting to stay away from McDo and Starbucks (which are always packed with tourists anyway). A street crepe or a quick visit to one of the thousands of patisseries in Paris can fill you with delicious, cheap and local food. If you visit a café, make sure to sit outside if the weather is nice, and facing the street (some waiters even ask you not to move the chairs). Order “un café”, and enjoy the espresso just like locals do.

NEVER call your waiter with “garçon”, it’s rude and they hate it.

Regarding French wine, there are as well thousands of liquor stores in which you can get a nice bottle at any price range imaginable. Finally, you may constantly notice that Parisians carry with them little mint colored carton bags, which belong to the famous macaron house of Ladurée. You do not want to miss getting a mixed box, so, I STRONGLY recommend to get a reservation at the Champs Élysées store (in order to avoid waiting for hours), or visit any other store in the city.


As for Parisians, I believe you might get a very nice surprise.

Locals have a global fame of being rude and arrogant (especially with tourists), but the times I’ve beet to Paris I’ve only encountered nice, or at least polite people. Never have I been insulted or discriminated. Even when locals see me struggling with a primitive French, they switch to English if they can in order to help tourists in need. Let them kiss you twice when they meet you in order to avoid awkward situations (they’ll know when it’s appropriate). And, obviously, Parisians are a great mix of European, Middle Eastern and African races, which has resulted in very attractive mix for every taste. So, now you have every reason to talk to someone at a bar.

Le Marais, the gay district,

has offered us everything par excellence since the 80s. This historic and trendy (even aristocratic) district is the place to be if you want to feel among our people. It’s central enough to get there comfortably, but far enough from the chaos of the main attractions. Between the third and the fourth districts, you can get there with the yellow, brown or pink line. As one of one of the gay capitals of the continent, it is commercial, leisurely and edgy. It is allegedly the only official gay neighborhood in France, so, it has obviously attracted gay people from the whole country as permanent residents. If you’re hungry, Le Gai Moulin is a cozy and unpretentious restaurant, and Legay Choc is a delicious and kinky patisserie. For a good night sleep (yeah right…), the boutique hotel Caron de Beaumarchais is a beautiful 18th century mansion that will make you feel like Marie Antoinette. And for serious partying, Raidd, Velvet and Le Dépôt (one of the largest cruising bar in Europe) are guaranteed fun, and maybe even a few phone numbers.


Let us finish with a guilty pleasure: fashion. Needless to say this is one of the major fashion capitals in the world, so you may want to be careful not to commit a crime. If you go during winter, try to wear the most elegant and simple black coat you can get. Walking down Les Champs is like a glamorous runway of dark shadows. Since fashion changes, I enjoy going a bit neutral and stylish (casual chic, not haute couture). Trench coats, blazers and long scarves are nice and safe options. Pay attention to the trends on the streets and the subway. Study the looks you like, see if they are common, and then try to imitate it or, even better, go shopping for that look. Unless you are a world famous hip-hop star, don’t do tacky clichés by wrapping yourself in Chanel or Vuitton (locals enjoy the later in particular), especially if it’s fake. And for parfums and colognes, avoid the top 10 sellers or the iconic ones like Chanel No. 5 or Abercrombie if you don’t want to smell like half the city (or the world). Try to identify the smells you already like (musk, wood, oils, flowers and fruits), or certain perfumes for that matter, in order to get something different and authentic, and get help from a shop assistant (that’s what they’re for). At Galleries Lafayette or Bon Marché you’ll be able to find the scent of your dreams.

A few last minute advices for the City of Lights: you might want to get the Paris Pass ( in order to save money and spare lines, as well as a travel card for the metro if you are staying for a few days. If you are interested on a performance at the Moulin Rouge or the Opera, book in advance. And please do not bring back any Eiffel Tower keychains for your family and friends, I have at least four, none of which I bought. Bring back cheese, wine, macarons, Maxim’s chocolates or nice designer accessories.


Gay Travel in LONDON

London: exciting, regal and friendly

By Sebastián Sáenz

Not as rainy as people tend to think it is, mighty old London has a lot to offer to its visitors. Yes, we all know about the bridge, the abbey, the tower, the river, the eye, the park, the square, the palace and the clock; but as a gay tourist myself I also tried more than a few “alternative lifestyle” options that satisfy the LGBT community.

Obviously we are talking about one of the most progressive cities in one of the most progressive countries in the world, so we have a wide range of activities from sunrise to sun… rise. During the day there are so many places in which, even though it might not be an official LGBT convention, it just looks like everybody got a memo. The Fashion and Textile Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum of Art and Design, or ANY West End musical are a few examples in which Grindr just keeps buzzing, a great chance for cruising while actually doing something productive and cultural.


And speaking of fashion, needless to say this is a major fashion capital of the world. Just walking down the city center or by taking the Tube is enough to appreciate all sorts of ensembles: hipster, trendy, extravagant, posh, punk… you name it, locals are not afraid since they have seen it all. This is a city that inspires any wardrobe, a great chance to get a nice trench, flashy mocs, or comfy chinos.

Londoners are not afraid of tattoos, prints and bright colors, they are daringly classy. If you don’t have enough to buy more than cookies at Harrods or Selfridges, Primark has a good (and accessible) supply if you want anything different than the “I<3GB” T, but by far my strongest recommendation is Topshop/Topman.

You might want to buy your clothes one size bigger, since the food in this town is to die for (contrary to its old reputation). Jamie Oliver, the chef du jour, has restaurants all over the island, but there are so many places to go. Covent Garden has amazing little independent bakeries, Bo Dean’s BBQ will make you lick your fingers, The Breakfast Club is THE PLACE TO GO for the weekend brunch, and even Wahaca offers exquisite Mexican food (who would have thought?!). So, you may want to get the must meat pie, fish and chips and kebabs, but just once, don’t stick to those.

And now, the cocktail menu. Bank, the financial district, is the best area to go to after six if you want to grab a pint and start getting a glimpse of the attractive 9-5 workers in tight shirts and dress pants. However, our community gathers in Soho: central, hip and fun. Just try to stay close to Old Compton St. and Rupert St., everything you need can be found there, from bars, restaurants and clubs to hostels, boutiques and sex shops. For a memorable night of drinking and dancing, Ku and G-A-Y are mandatory, a bit further is Heaven, and at Vauxhall (on the other side of the river) there is Eagle and XXL if you feel a bit more kinky.

If you can, try to visit during Pride Weekend, St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween; the party is insane. Londoners love their rugby and their soccer, so even if you don’t know much about the rules, the names of the teams or the players; the atmosphere at any bar (even gay bars) is guaranteed fun. And if you want some ice breakers, an issue of Gay Times Magazine or Attitude Magazine will give you plenty of material to talk about what everybody is talking about (usually Britain’s Got Talent/Eurovision, 1D or Tom Daley).

Elton John, George Michael, Sir Ian McKellen, you and me… as we can see, London embraces many queens besides the one on Spur Rd. Museums, history, tours and hot men with sexy accents (who also happen to love foreign accents, by the way) are waiting for all of us, so let’s pack our bags. Cheers mates!


Scarlet Bar Opens in Honolulu

The gayest fun in Hawaii is happening in Honolulu!

And now the hottest funnest bar in Chicago’s Boystown, Scarlet, brings their talents to Honolulu’s  Chinatown!

The DJ’s of Scarlet Bar Chicago, Traver Rains, and Lanai Tabura have just opened SCARLET BAR AND DANCE CLUB  – Hawaii’s LARGEST night club with an energetic and alluring atmosphere that will get anyones toes tapping.  Let us introduce you to the wizards behind the the curtain of our ‘pink’ emerald city…

LANAI TABURA Hawaii’s very OWN!  Lanai boasts being the winner of the GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE on the Food Network and 25 year veteran of Radio & Television appearances.  Most notable are: host of Cooking Hawaiian Style, Baywatch Hawaii, Jake & The Fatman, and Anthony Bourdane.  Lanai can also be found doing stand up opening for Damon Wayans, Wayne Brady, The Pussycat Dolls and Hall & Oats to name a few.

TRAVER RAINS– Co-Creator/Designer of the clothing line, HEATHERETTE, Traver has shown hundreds of runway collections around the world and been a highlight of NYC fashion week for 10 years.  He has dressed the likes of Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Pink, and Mariah Carey, just to name a few.  His television appearances include: guest judge on Project Runway & Americas Next Top Model, MTV’s TRL, My Sweet 16 and Made.

THE DJ’S OF SCARLET: For the past 6 years the World renown DJ’s of Scarlet Bar Chicago have been creating an orgasmic experience for party goers in Boystown Chitown.  This group of “finger-on-the-pulse” DJ’s was formed by Scarlet Bar proprietor Robbie Baldwin in order to create a customized sound for the Dance Club.  And now this sound can now be found nightly in downtown Honolulu!  Familiar names including Joey Luna, Scotty T, Katy, Konsept, Vlad, Kirk Dickens… plus a crazy mix of celebs such as CAZWELL, TARYN MANNING, Captains of Industry STONE ROKK, and GRAHAM JUNKE, ZEKE TOMAS, TRENTINO, ROCK CITY will be spinning their fingers off to mix the hottest top 40 beats.

WEEKLY PARTIES: Every night will be a welcoming adventure for gay boys and their girl friends (yes, we are straight friendly).  But just to keep you on your toes, Scarlet will be offering a variety of weekly themed parties.

Easily the best nighclub in all of Hawaii. Great music, fun and friendly staff, strong drinks and great party atmosphere!

80 South Pauahi Street, Honolulu, HI 96822
(across from the historic Hawaii Theater in DOWNTOWN HONOLULU)

HOURS: Wed-Sun 8PM-2AM

Check out the fun and pics on facebook!  SCARLET HONOLULU

@ScarletHNL -Instagram and Twitter


Gay Mexico – Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, a true gay paradise

By Sebastián Sáenz @sebastiaenz

Picture yourself swinging on a hammock, tanning under the warm sun, having a refreshing margarita, listening to the waves splashing softly against each other, the smell of Rockefeller oysters approaching, and the best: holding hands with your partner with no inhibitions. Gay touristic destinations all over the world are increasing and getting better, but a true must is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Mexican tourist service providers know no discrimination, since they are very well aware that our community likes to travel, spend on resorts, spas, shows, boutiques, restaurants and attractions; and our exquisite taste is as welcome as any other. The LGBT market represents over 15% of the global touristic expense, and we travel two or three times more than straight people. If this wasn’t enough, Mexico is one of the most broadminded and tolerant countries, but Puerto Vallarta is certainly a Pride Parade, since LGBT tourists all over visit it all year long to be who they are in this sublime shore. Also, the Mexican government recently made gay marriage a national legal reality, so gay weddings at Puerto Vallarta will rise to the top in the world.

Even though the whole city is friendly, there are some attractions that can be considered more universal, such as the fun Navy Pier or “Malecón”, the botanical gardens, the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the little village of Sayulita, ecotourism, delicious food tours, the City Center, the Marina (where boats and yachts are available for renting), and even whale watching from December to April. However, of course there are options that our community enjoys more.

It is actually curious to walk down the Malecón and watch families having fun at the beach and, after the Los Muertos Pier, start noticing more and more gay people as you walk along the beach. The big hotels are left behind and the noise of the City Center fades away as tourists enter to the so-called Romantic Zone, which also happens to be the gay zone. All along Los Muertos Beach our community feels like home, and there are all sorts of options.

The Marriot Hotel is internationally know for being one of the friendliest chains, but there are also boutique hotels such as Olas Altas Suites. Regarding friendly and breathtaking restaurants, I strongly recommend Café des Artistes, La Palapa and Michel’s. As for clubs, CC and Paco’s Ranch are the most popular. If you prefer something quieter, Garbo might be a better bar, but if you feel the kinky need to visit a strip club, Wet Dreams has gorgeous boys. The Blue Massage at Zona Romántica will make you feel brand new, and finally, for beach clubs, Blue Chairs and Sapphire Ocean Club welcomes us for a memorable day of sun, sand and sea.

You should really consider Puerto Vallarta for this summer vacation, or escape from the cold winter of your home town and celebrate Christmas this year. As you could see, there’s plenty of fun waiting for you. Don’t forget your sun block and a sassy swim suit!

More information at


Puerto Vallarta, un verdadero paraíso gay

Por Sebastián Sáenz @sebastiaenz

Imagínate meciéndote en una hamaca, bronceándote bajo el cálido sol, tomando una refrescante margarita, escuchando las olas chocar unas contra otras suavemente, oliendo ostiones Rockefeller acercarse, y lo mejor: tomando la mano de tu pareja sin inhibiciones. Destinos turísticos gay en todo el mundo están creciendo y mejorando, pero un lugar que debes conocer es Puerto Vallarta, México.

Los proveedores de servicios turísticos mexicanos no discriminan ya que saben muy bien que nuestra comunidad disfruta viajar y gastar en hoteles, spas, espectáculos, atracciones, boutiques y restaurantes; y nuestro gusto exquisito es tan bien recibido como cualquier otro. El mercado LGBT representa más del 15% de la inversión turística global, y viajamos dos o tres veces más que los heterosexuales. Si todo esto no fuera suficiente, México es uno de los países más progresistas y tolerantes, pero Puerto Vallarta es definitivamente una marcha del orgullo, ya que turistas LGBT de todo el mundo lo visitan todo el año para ser quienes son en esta playa sublime. Incluso el gobierno mexicano acaba de hacer del matrimonio igualitario una realidad legal nacional, así que las playas en Puerto Vallarta se irán a la cúspide.

Aunque toda la ciudad es amigable, hay algunas atracciones que pueden considerarse más universales, como el Malecón, los jardines botánicos, la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, el pequeño pueblo Sayulita, ecoturismo, deliciosos recorridos gastronómicos, el centro, la Marina (donde se pueden rentar botes y yates), e incluso ballenas de diciembre a abril. Sin embargo, claro que hay opciones que nuestra comunidad disfruta más.

Es curioso ir caminando por el Malecón y ver a las familias disfrutando la playa, pero pasando el muelle Los Muertos, empezar a notar más y más gente gay mientras se avanza sobre la playa. Los grandes hoteles se quedaron atrás y el ruido del centro se desvaneció mientras los turistas van ingresando en la llamada Zona Romántica, que es de hecho también la zona gay. Sobre la playa Los Muertos nuestra comunidad se siente en casa, y hay todo tipo de opciones.

El hotel Marriot es internacionalmente conocido por ser una de las cadenas más amigables, pero también hay hoteles boutique como Olas Altas Suites. En cuanto a restaurantes que quitan el aliento, recomiendo ampliamente Café des Artistes, La Palapa y Michel’s. Respecto a clubs, CC y Paco’s Ranch son los más populares. Si lo que se busca es algo más tranquilo, Garbo quizá sea un mejor bar, pero si se tienen ganas traviesas de buscar un club de strippers, Wet Dreams tiene chicos muy guapos. Blue Massage en Zona Romántica te hará sentir como nuevo, y finalmente, para clubes de playa, Blue Chairs y Sapphire Ocean Club nos dan la bienvenida para un memorable día de sol, arena y mar.

Puerto Vallarta debe considerarse indudablemente para este verano, o para escapar del frío invierno de la ciudad donde habites y celebrar Navidad este año. Como se ve, hay mucha diversión esperando. Que no se olviden el bloqueador solar y un traje de baño atrevido.

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Gay Travel Tips Mexico City

10 cosas que el turista gay debe hacer en la Ciudad de México

Por Sebastián Sáenz @sebastiaenz
Atención turistas gais: La Ciudad de México viene con todo. Se trata de una de las ciudades más grandes del mundo, con tanto que ofrecer que van a necesitar vacaciones para descansar de sus vacaciones. Y aunque es caótica, el tráfico es constante, y cualquier lugar está siempre lleno, créanme que vale la pena, y hasta la recomendarán y querrán regresar.
Pero antes de empezar, algunos consejos. Las horas pico son de 7 am a 10 am y de 5 pm a 9 pm, así que quizá quieran permanecer en un lugar durante esos tiempos, o caminar a sus destinos. El transporte público es barato, recomiendo las aplicaciones de taxis o servicios que sus hoteles provean, el metro es usualmente más seguro y rápido que los autobuses, el Metrobús está bien pero generalmente lleno, y en cuanto a opciones verdes, la ciudad ofrece un servicio público de bicicletas. También hablamos de la segunda ciudad con más museos en el mundo, así que prepárense para mucha cultura. Aunque la ciudad es relativamente segura, los turistas quizá deseen vestir discretamente, no exhibir aparatos ostentosos en cualquier parte, y evitar calles solitarias durante altas horas de la noche; como en cualquier gran ciudad. Y claro, esta es una de las ciudades más progresistas del mundo, así que siéntanse libres de dar besitos o tomar de la mano en público, ya que la mayoría de la gente es relativamente tolerante. Ahora sí, comencemos.

1: Turibús

Yo mismo como turista he descubierto una técnica muy útil: en cuanto llego a una ciudad, tomo un recorrido turístico en autobús para obtener mucha información básica en poco tiempo, saber dónde está lo más importante, qué tan lejos está, y decidir qué quiero visitar a fondo. La Ciudad de México de hecho tiene varios Turibuses que permiten bajadas y subidas, así que administren su tiempo: Centro Histórico, Polanco, Sur, Basílica de Guadalupe, Cantinas, Lucha Libre, Palacios y Nocturno. Pregunten en su recepción por la estación más cercana.

2: Chapultepec

Una de las áreas más bellas de la urbe, con un gran bosque, lagos, actividades culturales como presentaciones folclóricas y ballet, el Museo de Antropología (quizá el mejor de la ciudad), la estructura de la Estela de Luz, y el Castillo, con una vista impactante. Estaciones de metro: Auditorio (línea naranja) y Chapultepec (línea rosa).
3: Colonia Roma
Probablemente la mejor zona para comer LO QUE SEA que deseen, y para todos los bolsillos. En este bello y amigable vecindario la mayoría de los restaurantes están sobre la avenida Álvaro Obregón y sus alrededores. Particularmente recomiendo el popular Mercado Roma (Querétaro 225). Estaciones: Metro- Insurgentes (línea rosa) y Chilpancingo (línea café). Metrobús: Álvaro Obregón, Sonora, Michoacán y Campeche (línea roja).

4: Coyoacán
Un área tradicional. Las dos plazas centrales albergan la iglesia, el kiosco y la Fuente de los Coyotes. Hay excelentes restaurantes como Corazón de Maguey, y bares con música en vivo como El Hijo del Cuervo. A unas cuadras encontramos el museo de Frida Kahlo y los Viveros. Son obligatorios un churro de carrito, una nieve de puesto, y una taza en el Café La Selva. Estaciones de metro: General Anaya (línea azul).


5: Shopping
Nuestra kriptonita. Para quienes prefieren las mejores etiquetas, la avenida Presidente Masaryk en el exuberante Polanco debe visitarse para encontrar los mejores diseñadores internacionales (estación de metro Polanco, línea naranja). En cuanto a centros comerciales con cines, restaurantes, barras de alimentos, y claro, tiendas, Perisur (estación Perisur del Metrobús, línea roja), Antara (estación de metro Polanco), 222 (estación Insurgentes de la línea rosa del metro) y Santa Fe (solo accesible en auto) quizá sean los mejores centros de la ciudad. Y para una amplia y barata gama de artesanías, hay que visitar el mercado de la Ciudadela en el centro (estación Juárez de la línea verde olivo del metro). Si buscan un diseño mexicano de calidad (no ponchos y sombreros), la casa de Pineda Covalín ofrece los mejores diseños tradicionales y de moda.

6: Teotihuacán

El corazón de la civilización Azteca. Es uno de los parques históricos más grandes de América, con las pirámides de la Luna y el Sol que los aficionados del yoga aman tanto para meditar. Este sitio está de hecho a aproximadamente una hora de la ciudad, y pude requerir todo un día para visitarlo, pero vale la pena la excursión. Recomiendo AMPLIAMENTE el recorrido en globo aerostático, no es muy barato y es probable que quieran reservarlo con tiempo, pero la vista es sencillamente sublime ( No olviden su bloqueador solar.

7: La Condesa
Definitivamente la zona más en tendencia de la ciudad. Parejas jóvenes, hipsters, fashionistas… todos quieren un pedazo de La Condesa. Frente a la Colonia Roma (del lado opuesto de la avenida Insurgentes), este vecindario ofrece una masiva variedad de restaurantes, parques con perros y parejas, tiendas, cafeterías, bazares de fin de semana, pero sobre todo, los mejores bares para comenzar una noche memorable. Cualquier bar en las avenidas Tamaulipas o Michoacán, o alrededor del Parque México o la Fuente de la Cibeles (como Wallace o la terraza del vanguardista Hotel Boutique Codesa DF) quizá se encuentre lleno, incluso entre semana, pero es donde hay que ver y ser visto.

8: Centro Histórico
Claro que está en la lista. En el Zócalo se encuentra el Palacio Nacional (con murales de Diego Rivera, esposo de Frida), la Catedral, el Palacio de Bellas Artes, la Alameda Central, el museo del Templo Mayor y la avenida peatonal Madero (con más tiendas y restaurantes). El restaurante por excelencia es el Café Tacuba, pero yo recomiendo la terraza del antiguo Hotel México, con la mejor vista del Zócalo. Estaciones de metro: Zócalo (línea azul) y Bellas Artes (líneas azul y verde).

9: Vida Nocturna
Lo que estaban esperando. Aunque hay clubes nocturnos LGBT en toda la ciudad, yo programaría un loco fin de semana de shots de tequila y números de teléfono de la siguiente forma: una noche barata y despreocupada en los clubes del Centro Histórico Marrakech Salón, Marra 2.0 y La Purísima (estación Bellas Artes), una noche pretenciosa y con clase en Envy (solo viernes) o Guilt (solo sábado) (estación Polanco), y una universal para saltar de bar en bar en la Zona Rosa (estación de metro y Metrobús Insurgentes), el distrito gay. “Zona” tiene clubs para todos, como Lollipop (con Karaoke), Nicho (para osos), El Taller (underground solo para hombres), Botas (strip club) y Kinky (probablemente el más popular). La clave es llegar a la calle Amberes y dejarse llevar.

10: Reforma

Los Campos Elíseos mexicanos. En esta avenida los turistas encuentran el emblemático Ángel de la Independencia (el símbolo de la ciudad), la fuente de la Diana Cazadora, el Auditorio Nacional (donde se han presentado Coldplay y Shakira, por nombrar un par), Chapultepec y Zona Rosa, y está muy cerca del centro histórico. Es el lugar perfecto para terminar la semana, ya que los domingos durante el día los carriles centrales se cierran para las bicicletas, los patines, las patinetas, las carreolas y los perros. Estaciones: Metro- Chapultepec, Sevilla o Insurgentes (línea rosa). Metrobús- Reforma (línea roja).

Southern Decadence DEALS!


What began as a simple going-away party in 1972 has evolved into one of New Orleans’ premier annual events: Southern Decadence.

Hosted every Labor Weekend, Southern Decadence is the 5th largest event in the city following Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Essence Fest, and French Quarter Fest. 2014 brought in over 160,000 participants.

Nicknamed the “Gay Mardi Gras,” Southern Decadence is one of those quintessential New Orleans occasions in which participants get to strut their stuff in elaborate costumes and high fashion or barely anything at all, the day of the Parade!

Everyone gets in on the action and all the bars will have their own drag shows, contests, DJs, music and events.

Don’t miss  this  giant 44th Southern Decadence celebration of LGBT life, music and culture. CALL David now FOR THE BEST DEALS! 1-800-942-1280!


Gay Night @ Six Flags Chicago

Out In The Park at Six Flags Great America
Returns in 2015 BIGGER Than EVER!

A Spectacular Night of Amusement and Entertainment
Presented by MINI Cooper Chicago & Ketel One Vodka
That Will Help Benefit Northalsted Business Alliance
Saturday, September 12th, 2015 from 7PM to 12AM

Hosted by Amanda Lepore AND Pablo Hernandez this year! Attendees for this year’s fourth annual Out In The Park Celebration are in for a night of EPIC proportions.

All night, attendees can follow the bass to the Hometown Square dance area where The DJ’s of SCARLET Bar Chicago and Hostess Trannika Rex and some adorable go go’s well keep the party jumping.

Andrew Christian supermodel and “king of selfies” Pablo Hernandez will be riding rides with guests all night and taking photos. Then at 11:00 he will debut 2 of his new songs, followed by the Queen of New York nightlife, Amanda Lepore, with the worlds most expensive body!

Out In The Park is an annual private LGBT Saturday night fundraising event featuring unlimited riding of ALL Six Flags Great America’s amazing THRILL rides with a portion of all ticket sales each year help benefit various non-profits. “One of the best elements of this event is that it is closed to the general public and this year our event piggy-backs a daytime corporate buyout so our attendees will be entering an EMPTY PARK!” explains Michael Snell, co-owner of “The LGBT community, their family, friends and supporters can enjoy the park with little to no lines and without homophobic hassles from anyone. It’s like a Fall Gay Pride Celebration with even MORE amusement and entertainment!”

In an interview with “We are very excited that this private night for charity continues to grow every year and we have gifted over $35,000 to various groups,” said Derrick Sorles, Snell’s husband of 16 years and business partner, “We are more than thrilled that Amanda Lepore is flying in from New York and the handsome Pablo Hernandez (from Los Angeles) will debut his new music at our event this year!”

Advance $40 tickets can be purchased NOW at
FREE parking for this special event! In September the price goes up to $45. $50 the day of the event. All ages event. Drinks are available for purchase to those 21+
Hotels –if you are coming to Chicago for the weekend, we have 3 hotel choices in the heart of Boystown! CITY SUITES, WILLOWS HOTEL and MAJESTIC HOTEL. All the hotels are on our website


Beautiful Beliz! and El Secreto

Wedged between Mexico and Guatemala, the tiny and eclectic country of Belize has become one of the most popular eco tourism destinations in Central America. The weather is mild, the beaches are spectacular, the history is rich, and yes, it is a land of swaying palm trees, azure waters and colorful sunsets.

This is an absolutely fascinating country and the only English and Spanish speaking nation immediately south of Mexico with which it shares a land border.

I have some dear friends that have been going to Belize for over 20 years. In recent years Belize has been garnering major international buzz and for sure there is no signs of it slowing down. With its amazing flora, fauna; breath taking natural resources; the quick accessibility to both a rain forest and a Caribbean beach complete with palms and white sandy beaches are all reasons why people return to these shores year after year.

While the country is experiencing more tourists, and thus more diversity in recent years, it’s still very much a conservative democracy. Public displays of affection of all kinds are generally discouraged. Some people will be shocked by gay PDA, so be discreet and mindful of the country’s attitudes. Just be respectful and enjoy the natural scenery; you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

Belize is a romantic and adventuresome destination where you can lounge in luxurious accommodations with a lover, or explore caves and go deep-sea diving with friends. The beautiful tranquility of the natural Belizean geographical features will leave you breathless though, so don’t let that small setback keep you from visiting this idyllic land!

WHEN TO GO? Anytime! The average yearly temperature is 84° F (29°C), which means that it is pretty much near perfect all year round.

WHERE TO STAY? There are more than 200 islands in Belize that are known as cayes (pronounced “keys”) that are easy accessible and can serve as ideal bases for fishing, snorkeling and diving. For me personally, I don’t care for the big international hotel chains – I prefer smaller, quaint and romantic places to stay.

El Secreto nestles 13 exclusive individual thatched roof villas with a smart combination of contemporary and traditional elements. This beautiful gay friendly, Boutique Resort sits on the Caribbean beaches of Ambergris Caye, Belize.

(Temptation Island was filmed nearby on Ambergris, 36 miles north of Belize City, and the caye is the country’s liveliest, with open-air bars and restaurants spilling into the white sand in the main town, San Pedro.)

Appointed with fine Belizean tropical woods, marble finished bathrooms with a tandem bathtub, outdoor private jacuzzi and shower patio. All the villas are equipped with a King size bed, a state of the art led lighting system, air conditioning, iPod dock station, LCD TV, mini bar, safe, hair dryer, Melita coffee maker, 400 thread Egyptian cotton Vivenda linens and Malin & Goetz amenities. They have made many TOP 10 lists and won many awards for luxury experiences!

Enjoy a unique dining experience at El Secreto Restaurant. A romantic setting where you can “feel” the breeze and admire a beautiful ocean view. It doesn’t get much better than this!

GET PAMPERED with Spa services. Ikal meaning “spirit” in Maya, will reconnect you to the essence of life. A wonderful natural setting where you will indulge to a peaceful atmosphere enjoying Island rituals with the benefits of the sea, bamboo, tropical fruits, spices and aromatherapy.


A member of Design Hotels.

Award Winning El Secreto.

LIKE them on Facebook!

Browse rooms and pricing today for your luxurious getaway!

GETTING TO BELIZE is outlined on this page.



Travel Deals for Southern Decadence 2015


What began as a simple going-away party in 1972 has evolved into one of New Orleans’ premier annual events: Southern Decadence.

Hosted every Labor Weekend, Southern Decadence is the 5th largest event in the city following Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Essence Fest, and French Quarter Fest. 2014 brought in over 160,000 participants.

Nicknamed the “Gay Mardi Gras,” Southern Decadence is one of those quintessential New Orleans occasions in which participants get to strut their stuff in elaborate costumes and high fashion or barely anything at all, the day of the Parade! Everyone gets in on the action and all the bars will have their own drag shows, contests, DJs, music and events.

It’s not to early to start planning for the giant 44th Southern Decadence celebration of LGBT life, music and culture. CALL David now FOR THE BEST DEALS! 1-800-942-1280!


Palm Springs Gay Summer Deals


Summer is back and so is our $99 Special!
Superior non-pool view rooms are $99 per night plus tax during the week (Sunday through Thursday) and $149 per night plus tax during the weekend (Friday and Saturday). All other rooms are discounted accordingly.This special is available from June 15, 2015 – September 15, 2015
(not available during holiday weekends).



Google and Puerto Vallarta

The same technology used by Google Maps to allow users to experience 360º street views of locations around the world is now being used to bring people closer to previously unavailable places. Many of us have seen Google’s conspicuous vehicles traveling through the city, collecting imagery that can be incorporated into their mapping system.

Advances in their equipment now allows for a portable version of the same camera system. Worn like a backpack, Google Maps in now able to open our eyes to places we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.

In recent months, Google staff has visited our destination, creating beautiful images of the Marietas Islands, Marina La Cruz, Vallarta Adventures’ Dolphin Center, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens and Las Caletas, among others. These locations now form part of Google’s Special Collections-Mexico, an increasing collection of landmarks located throughout the country.

Visit  Best Gay Puerto Vallarta  for  EVERYTHING VALLARTA!


2 new Events in Chicago for PRIDE WEEK 2015

Helping to bridge the gap between  Chicago pride fest  and  the Chicago  pride parade,  come  3  new events!

From the producers of   OUT IN THE PARK @ Six Flags Great America, comes a brand new exclusive LGBTQ Event;

OUT IN THE HARBOR @ Hurricane Harbor!

MONDAY JUNE 22nd  2015      5pm-10pm

Hosted by Andrew Christian!


$33  and FREE  Parking! (TAXES INCLUDED)

The Chicago Zoological Society is committed to diversity and values the benefits and advantages of a diverse workforce. One of its core values is Diversity, valuing differences and the respectful involvement of all people, employing and leveraging the gifts, talents, and experience from each person’s culture, perspective, and background to create value for the organization and help make it even more successful.

Now they are stepping forward  to launch an officially sanctioned  Celebration of LGBTQ Pride at the Zoo!  There will be  LGBTQ Day& Night events! This is only the 2nd Zoo in the country to celebrate Pride in a big way!


During the day from 10am-5pm, the Zoo will be open to the public but with an Officially sanctioned PRIDE Day at the Zoo. Rainbow flags will be flying and there will be  entertainment and a presentation in the afternoon!  $15  advance tickets.

During the day, there will be will a LGBTQ vendor expo with gay and gay-friendly businesses showcasing their business and/or products. There will also be a program  with speakers and entertainment.



Then From 7-10 p.m., a very special evening LGBTQ cocktail party will take place in the Pavilions area.  21+  over.


A portion of the zoo will be open from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., including camels, zebras, addax, giraffes, African painted dogs, bison, lions, tigers, (no bears unless you bring one), leopards, and dolphins.

Curators and docents will be on hand to answer questions and provide information about the exhibits.

Most of the excitement will happen in the Pavilions  area!  We’ll be able to sip cocktails (open bar) and enjoy delicious outdoor fare food and sweets.

Here, we will Lounge with the Animals and Talk to the Animals! Curators create a very special experience, by bringing out numerous animals for us to have an up close and personal meet and greet, and learn more about them.

Lounge music will set the tone as the Dj’s of Scarlet Bar Chicago

There will also be a silent auction with cool animal items from artists and local businesses.

Tickets are   $60  includes  drinks, food and a phenomenal experience.


Limited Number of VIP  Tickets $100 – you will get a personalized PRIVATE  VIP TOUR  of The Living Coast, where you can get up close and touch PENGUINS!  The leader penguins love to come out and mingle with small groups and show off. How cool is that? A professional photographer will be on hand to capture your experience.


All the details  at


Gay Fort Lauderdale Deals

Summer Off Season  Deals  in Ft Lauderdale!

Travelers now have twice as many reasons to kick off their summer in Greater Fort Lauderdale with the destination-wide 2-for-1 Summer Savings program. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Everglades, dive into 70 BOGO (buy one, get one) offers representing more than $2,000 in savings. Back by popular demand, the destination’s value-packed summer program has been extended through October 12, 2015.

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Summer Savings 2-for-1 card includes special offers on land, sand and sea at more than 70 attractions, including options for watersports, spa, dining, museums, tours, and more. Highlights for the 2-for-1 Summer Savings include an airboat ride through the Everglades at Billie Swamp Safari, scuba diving and snorkeling excursions, strolling among thousands of butterflies at Butterfly World, catamaran cruises and Water Taxi rides, shopping at the world’s largest luxury discount mall, Sawgrass Mills, rejuvenating spa treatments, deals at popular restaurants including Mai Kai Restaurant & Polynesian Revue, Shula Burger and 15th Street Fisheries plus visits to area museums and historic sites including the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens and the Museum of Discovery & Science.

“Everyone loves a deal,” said Nicki E. Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. “And Greater Fort Lauderdale is a GREAT deal this summer, for visitors’ wallets, sense of adventure, and general well-being that comes with a summer vacation.”

Make the most of 2-for-1 fun when you combine it with the summer 2015 Vacation Like a VIP promotion, which runs now through October 12. The Vacation Like a VIP package includes a two-night minimum stay, a room upgrade, $100 resort credit, a $25 American Express Gift Card, complimentary resort valet parking, plus additional savings.  Add to these deals the ease and accessibility of the area with 600 flights daily to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, South Florida’s low fare airport, 23 miles of Blue Wave certified beaches, 300+ miles of inland waterways and travelers get so much more out of their summer getaways in Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Events not to miss when visiting this summer include Lauderdale Live, a three-day waterfront music festival with headliners Phillip Phillips and O.A.R. (June 19-21) and Jon Lovitz’s stand-up comedy show at Improv Fort Lauderdale (June 26-27). Concerts at BB&T Center include New Kids On The Block with special guests TLC and Nelly (June 4), Imagine Dragons “Smoke + Mirrors” Tour (July 11) and South Florida native Ariana Grande’s “Honeymoon Tour” (July 18). At Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the events line-up includes Bette Midler (May 8-9), Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo (May 21) and The Gipsy Kings (June 13), while Charli XCX (June 15) takes to Fort Lauderdale’s hot downtown venue, Revolution Live.

For a complete listing of deals and to print free 2 For 1 Summer Savings cards, or sign up to receive up to two cards by mail, visit


Drag Festival in Austin Texas

200 performers  on  7 stages   in  3  nights!

The mission of Austin International Drag Foundation Inc. is to educate, support and promote the drag artist community. We do this by providing resources and opportunities for individuals seeking to further their careers through showcases, festivals, and various other mediums. As a result of this mission, the general public is further educated about the drag community.

“I am creating the Austin International Drag Festival because I absolutely adore the Drag community. Drag artists play such an important part in our lives, whether you know it or not. They raise millions of dollars for charity. They expand our view of art through amazing creative performances. They also create conversation about gender roles in society. The world would be a pretty boring place without our Queens and Kings.

I am creating the Austin International Drag Festival because it is the right thing to do and the right time to do it. The world is ready for a festival of this magnitude. I want to make sure that those drag performers that work hard at their art everyday are given the chance to be seen by the largest possible audience that I can bring to them.

For 3 days in May of 2015, Austin, Texas will become


Truly and Humbly Yours,
Jamie Steward Bancroft

Austin International Drag Foundation Inc.

Chicago Hotels in Boystown

If you are gay and visiting Chicago, chances are you want to stay in Boystown, so you are not paying for cabs  to go back and fourth from downtown!

Hotels In Boystown Chicago and  Things to Do

Celebrate Chicago pride when you stay with hotels near Boystown, Chicago. Enjoy all of the fabulous things to do  – just a few blocks from  The Majestic Hotel.

PrideFest kicks off  June  19-21,  On June 22nd  will be a  Pride Splash  at Six Flags, June 25th  is  Zoo Pride @ Brookfield Zoo,  June 26th and 27th  gay pride parties all over the  city  and the BIG Parade, which attracts  almost 1 Million people  on Sunday June 28th.

The area along North Halsted features the best in Boystown, Chicago bars, dining, entertainment and more. After a night on the town, rest easy in  your choice  of  3  locations, close to everything! City Suites, The Majestic or The Willows.

Chicago Boystown Hotels near the Action

Boystown is the US’s first officially recognized gay village and still stands as a national hub of our nation’s LGBT community. Explore a host of delightful boutiques, unique eateries and entertainment hot-spots or, if your timing is right, check out the famed Northalsted Market Days in August or Chicago Pride Fest close to hotels near Boystown, Chicago. And  now,   OUT IN THE PARK  at  Six Flags in September.


When you book,  mention  Code BGC   for a special gift!
Chicago is an amazing city year round! And during the week, many of the clubs and bars run specials, so it’s  a great time to save money, and make new friends!
Visit  Best Gay Chicago for the latest information!



Atlantic City Attracting more Gays

IS IT time to resurrect Atlantic City’s old tourism slogan — the Queen of Resorts — and give it a new twist?

With a bevy of cross-dressing beauties strutting around Boardwalk Hall, a drag queen serving as a new tourism ambassador and contests for lavish gay weddings at the casinos, the resort town has a message for the LGBT crowd: Come “out” and see us for a good time.

“The LGBT market is a good business market for Atlantic City,” Guaracino said.

Atlantic City’s expanding outreach to the LGBT market includes a recent partnership with internationally known drag queen Miss Richfield 1981 to serve as the resort’s gay ambassador. The hope is that Miss Richfield, the alter ego of entertainer Russ King, will draw a big following of LGBT customers to town.

This summer will see a number of major events catering to the LGBT market. They include Sand Blast AC, billed as the largest Mid-Atlantic summer gay and lesbian beach party. Sand Blast moved from Asbury Park to Atlantic City in 2014 and is scheduled for July 17-20 this year.

FIBO, one of the largest events catering to LGBT African-Americans, is coming to Atlantic City Aug. 7 to 9 after being held the last 12 years at Fire Island, New York.

Atlantic City’s casinos and noncasino hotels have been aligning themselves with Miss’d America, Sand Blast and other LGBT events, but they have also been launching their own gay-themed promotions. Caesars Entertainment Corp., owner of the Bally’s, Caesars and Harrah’s Resort casinos, was a leader in the gay-travel trend by starting the “Out in Atlantic” LGBT party series in 2009.




Prague Pride 2015

The 5th edition of the Prague Pride festival will take place from Monday, August 10th through Sunday the 16th, with the Parade, main concert and outdoor party on Saturday the 15th. This year the festival will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a full program to be released soon. The Facebook event of the Prague Pride Parade can be found here.

The Czech Republic is the most LGBT tolerant country of the former Eastern Bloc, with Prague being one of Europe’s top gay destinations. This is reflected by the Prague Pride festival, the biggest and most open LGBT festival in the region. The leading American online newspaper The Huffington Post mentioned Prague as one of the top eight gay destinations in the world and Prague Pride made it to the top ten best Pride festivals in Europe.

The 2014 edition of Prague Pride attracted thousands of visitors every day during the week and more than 20,000 people attended the Gay Pride Parade on Saturday.

There is enough reason to celebrate this year, especially since the 2015 edition will be the fifth edition of Prague Pride.

Prague Pride grew tremendously over the last five years. From a small, local pride festival we became one of the most interesting and inspiring Pride festivals in Europe. As we are heading to our small anniversary, obviously we are preparing the festival which once again will be full of interesting guests, fabulous parties and mind blowing events”, said Czeslaw Walek, president of Prague Pride.

The week-long program is now being prepared and will be officially released soon, but we are already proud to announce that the London Gay Men’s Chorus, the largest gay men’s chorus in Europe with more than 120 singers, will perform on Friday, August 14th for Prague Pride. The popular and unique Pride Village will make an appearance again this year which will be accessible during the entire festival, along with the Business Forum which brings together interesting and inspiring guests from the business world.

Prague Pride 2015 is also unique because attention is being paid to serious LGBT topics and human rights issues. This year the festival will focus on bullying. More details about this topic and the affiliated campaign will be released soon.

The full program will be released at shortly.


Andy Cohen and Andy Cooper TOGETHER!

Join Cohen and Cooper for an unscripted,
uncensored and unforgettable night of conversation!


The Fillmore Miami Beach At
The Jackie Gleason Theater
Miami Beach, FL
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MAY 16
The Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL
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Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
Atlanta, GA
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Anaheim Packing District CITRUSFEST

WE LOVE Anaheim and Orange County!  And the addition of the Packing District in Anaheim is FANTASTIC!  Anaheim residents and visitors alike are enjoying   this new communal gathering place in the heart of downtown, complete with refurbished historic structures and new exciting uses.

The Packing District, located at the intersection of Anaheim Blvd and Santa Ana Street, includes the restored Packard Building & former Car Showroom, Farmers Park and the restored citrus Packing House, including a community kitchen for private use, as well as an intimate backyard & outdoor venue with a fireplace and orange grove.

The Packing House features 20+ artisan eateries with live music on the Mezzanine Stage every weekend! For more information on the latest happenings at The Packing House, sign up via “Join Our Community” on our main page:

If you are nearby  March  28th – check  out  Citrus Fest!


  • When: March 28, 2015      Citrus festival Noon-5pm @ Farmers park

    Citrus car parade, citrus cook off contest, citrus label coloring for kids, hayride, free lemonade, hard lemonade garden, live music, and kids games.


    Anaheim  and  OC  Tourism

    OCTOBER  2-4  2015  will be the dates  for this years  GAY DAYS  ANAHEIM!