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Gay Puerto Vallarta Begins to Reopen!

On June 14, 2020 the official newspaper register of the State of Jalisco has published provisions for Puerto Vallarta Shopping Centers, Gyms reopen at 25% capacity and with measures of social distancing required. In this measure, The commercial shopping centers  Galerías, La Isla or Macroplaza will be allowed to open which have been closed for three months now. However, shoppers of commercial plaza will not be able to use common areas such as children’s play areas, communal dining rooms, since fast food restaurants will only be able to deliver takeout products; parking lots will only receive 25% of their capacity. Movie theaters will remain closed for now.

Also June 15, 2020 public and hotel beaches are allowed to reopen in Puerto Vallarta per the the Jalisco governor  Enrique Alfaro. He made it clear on Friday during his visit to Puerto Vallarta that hoteliers should take care of  social distancing on their beach fronts, while the city municipalities monitor that public areas are not saturated with people. Hotel pools and common areas can also be open but now are reduced to 25% of their capacity, taking care that the common areas are not saturated and urging social distancing measures.



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Puerto Vallarta MUST SEE

We have been fans of Galleria Dante for years now. And we absolutely love the new addition, Di Vino Dante, which opened in 2013.

Galleria Dante and Di Vino Dante, even though two separate businesses, are both located in an old hacienda style villa at Basilio Badillo #269.

After meeting in Puerto Vallarta in 1986, Claire and Joe Guarniere, inspired by Dante and Beatrice and their mutual love of Italy, began their family business in 1988 with an Italian restaurant called “Pizza Joe” and a small classical art gallery.

In 1995, their passion for art outweighed the long hours in the restaurant business so they opened “Galleria Dante”, which is now the largest and most eclectic fine art gallery in Puerto Vallarta, exhibiting the works of more than 50 artists –from emerging to well established museum artists (both painters and sculptors). Of these artists 90% are Mexican-born. The countless pieces are arranged in the European “salon” style throughout the massive gallery’s eight rooms, including a beautiful open-air courtyard, which is my favorite part!

In 2013, Gena, born and raised in the family businesses, opened Di Vino Dante, a wine and Tapas bar overlooking the gallery’s sculpture garden which also offers larger plates. The restaurant also rotates art from the gallery, offering the opportunity for diners to purchase art while enjoying a fine glass of wine or cocktail. . During her second year at University “UBC” in Vancouver, British Columbia, she took “Wine Science”, to complete her Science credit. It changed her life. Growing up in an Italian family, surrounded by art and after numerous summers in Italy, she had never developed a taste for wine. With her interest peaked, and a new found love of wine, she took more wine classes, in what free time she had in completing her Fine Art degree. After studying wine theory and tasting hundreds of bottles of wine, she dreamed of how to work in the business.

Both business continue to evolve and grow, the gallery always in search of new artists, the wine bar offering new menu items and an extensive wine cellar. Later this season, Di Vino Dante will be opening the rooftop garden, which will also be available for special events and private parties.

Galleria Dante and Di Vino Dante are located at Basilio Badillo #269 in the Old Town / Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta. New artwork comes in on a regular basis, and the restaurant offers weekly specials, so even if you have visited Galleria Dante in the past, it is always worth another visit.


Puerto Vallarta is THE BEST!









If you follow  our  network  of sites, (,,,,, etc)  you know we are ALWAYS  raving about  Puerto Vallarta!  We have been coming here  since  1985  and  have watched it blossom into  a  #1  destination!


WE AGREE  AND  HAVE VOTED  @  TRAVVY  AWARDS,  that  Puerto Vallarta is –

Best City Destination – Mexico

Best Culinary Destination – Mexico

Best Family Destination – International

and Best LGBTQ Destination – International!


It’s very affordable  and  not  over crowded, even though it has gained  tremendous popularity – it retains it’s  charm!



Puerto Vallarta is Very Safe!

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board deeply regrets the events that occurred this week in one of the city’s restaurants and confirms that no tourist was involved or affected in this incident. As an immediate safety measure, security has been reinforced in Puerto Vallarta to ensure that residents as well as tourists can continue with their normal activities.

Puerto Vallarta’s La Leche Restaurant was the scene of a particular kidnapping of the son of el Chapo this past Monday. The incident was very specific and the people who did it came into the city for this specific and only reason. They left with what seems to be 3 people, including the son of el Chapo.

Puerto Vallarta was not affected at all by this as it happened at 1 am and the restaurant was closed and everything is as it always is in PV. All hotels are open and with visitors and all tours are working as normal.

The Governor of the State of Jalisco, Aristoteles Sandoval, announced earlier that an investigation involving different security forces on the Federal, State and Municipal, levels was launched, as well as the authorities of the neighboring state of Nayarit, to find those responsible. Early findings from the investigation led by the State Attorney of Jalisco, Eduardo Almaguer, stated that in a first examination, the victims and perpetrators belong to criminal groups from another region of the country, confirming the likelihood of this being an isolated case.

“As representatives of the tourism community of Puerto Vallarta, a city recognized by the warmth of its people and the ease with which visitors enjoy the destination’s diverse offerings, we do not tolerate violence of any kind,” said Agustin Alvarez general director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board. “We are following the instructions by the different government authorities and encourage the community to do the same; as well as pay attention to information and facts solely communicated by the authorities in charge, in order to dispel false rumors and avoid confusion that do not represent the actual situation in Puerto Vallarta and ensure we do not compromise the security of our residents and tourists.”

It is important to note that the authorities are taking the necessary measures and Puerto Vallarta is fully operational with all tourism services and attractions open and following their regular schedules without any interruptions.

We hope that this isolated and unprecedented event has minimal impact in our city. We are committed to proactively providing accurate information from official sources in a timely manner in order to keep our industry, residents and travelers informed, safe and well taken care of at all times.


In the 15 years I PERSONALLY have been going to PUERTO VALLARTA – I have ALWAYS FELT SAFE! I can not stress this enough!


Puerto Vallarta Was NOT Touched by Hurricane

Puerto Vallarta is fully operational with 100% of its hotel and restaurant facilities open, as well as its International Airport (PVR), marina, cruise port and Convention Center. All domestic and international airlines as well as buses, taxis and other ground transport companies resumed their normal service schedule within  2  days  of the hurricane  scare.

I just got back from Puerto Vallarta  to celebrate  HALLOWEEN  and  take part in their  DAY OF THE DEAD festivities!   EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY  FINE THERE.  The  experienced  no damage  or problems  from the hurricane – because it missed them. Everything  is open  just like  business as usual!



Gay Mexico – Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, a true gay paradise

By Sebastián Sáenz @sebastiaenz

Picture yourself swinging on a hammock, tanning under the warm sun, having a refreshing margarita, listening to the waves splashing softly against each other, the smell of Rockefeller oysters approaching, and the best: holding hands with your partner with no inhibitions. Gay touristic destinations all over the world are increasing and getting better, but a true must is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Mexican tourist service providers know no discrimination, since they are very well aware that our community likes to travel, spend on resorts, spas, shows, boutiques, restaurants and attractions; and our exquisite taste is as welcome as any other. The LGBT market represents over 15% of the global touristic expense, and we travel two or three times more than straight people. If this wasn’t enough, Mexico is one of the most broadminded and tolerant countries, but Puerto Vallarta is certainly a Pride Parade, since LGBT tourists all over visit it all year long to be who they are in this sublime shore. Also, the Mexican government recently made gay marriage a national legal reality, so gay weddings at Puerto Vallarta will rise to the top in the world.

Even though the whole city is friendly, there are some attractions that can be considered more universal, such as the fun Navy Pier or “Malecón”, the botanical gardens, the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the little village of Sayulita, ecotourism, delicious food tours, the City Center, the Marina (where boats and yachts are available for renting), and even whale watching from December to April. However, of course there are options that our community enjoys more.

It is actually curious to walk down the Malecón and watch families having fun at the beach and, after the Los Muertos Pier, start noticing more and more gay people as you walk along the beach. The big hotels are left behind and the noise of the City Center fades away as tourists enter to the so-called Romantic Zone, which also happens to be the gay zone. All along Los Muertos Beach our community feels like home, and there are all sorts of options.

The Marriot Hotel is internationally know for being one of the friendliest chains, but there are also boutique hotels such as Olas Altas Suites. Regarding friendly and breathtaking restaurants, I strongly recommend Café des Artistes, La Palapa and Michel’s. As for clubs, CC and Paco’s Ranch are the most popular. If you prefer something quieter, Garbo might be a better bar, but if you feel the kinky need to visit a strip club, Wet Dreams has gorgeous boys. The Blue Massage at Zona Romántica will make you feel brand new, and finally, for beach clubs, Blue Chairs and Sapphire Ocean Club welcomes us for a memorable day of sun, sand and sea.

You should really consider Puerto Vallarta for this summer vacation, or escape from the cold winter of your home town and celebrate Christmas this year. As you could see, there’s plenty of fun waiting for you. Don’t forget your sun block and a sassy swim suit!

More information at


Puerto Vallarta, un verdadero paraíso gay

Por Sebastián Sáenz @sebastiaenz

Imagínate meciéndote en una hamaca, bronceándote bajo el cálido sol, tomando una refrescante margarita, escuchando las olas chocar unas contra otras suavemente, oliendo ostiones Rockefeller acercarse, y lo mejor: tomando la mano de tu pareja sin inhibiciones. Destinos turísticos gay en todo el mundo están creciendo y mejorando, pero un lugar que debes conocer es Puerto Vallarta, México.

Los proveedores de servicios turísticos mexicanos no discriminan ya que saben muy bien que nuestra comunidad disfruta viajar y gastar en hoteles, spas, espectáculos, atracciones, boutiques y restaurantes; y nuestro gusto exquisito es tan bien recibido como cualquier otro. El mercado LGBT representa más del 15% de la inversión turística global, y viajamos dos o tres veces más que los heterosexuales. Si todo esto no fuera suficiente, México es uno de los países más progresistas y tolerantes, pero Puerto Vallarta es definitivamente una marcha del orgullo, ya que turistas LGBT de todo el mundo lo visitan todo el año para ser quienes son en esta playa sublime. Incluso el gobierno mexicano acaba de hacer del matrimonio igualitario una realidad legal nacional, así que las playas en Puerto Vallarta se irán a la cúspide.

Aunque toda la ciudad es amigable, hay algunas atracciones que pueden considerarse más universales, como el Malecón, los jardines botánicos, la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, el pequeño pueblo Sayulita, ecoturismo, deliciosos recorridos gastronómicos, el centro, la Marina (donde se pueden rentar botes y yates), e incluso ballenas de diciembre a abril. Sin embargo, claro que hay opciones que nuestra comunidad disfruta más.

Es curioso ir caminando por el Malecón y ver a las familias disfrutando la playa, pero pasando el muelle Los Muertos, empezar a notar más y más gente gay mientras se avanza sobre la playa. Los grandes hoteles se quedaron atrás y el ruido del centro se desvaneció mientras los turistas van ingresando en la llamada Zona Romántica, que es de hecho también la zona gay. Sobre la playa Los Muertos nuestra comunidad se siente en casa, y hay todo tipo de opciones.

El hotel Marriot es internacionalmente conocido por ser una de las cadenas más amigables, pero también hay hoteles boutique como Olas Altas Suites. En cuanto a restaurantes que quitan el aliento, recomiendo ampliamente Café des Artistes, La Palapa y Michel’s. Respecto a clubs, CC y Paco’s Ranch son los más populares. Si lo que se busca es algo más tranquilo, Garbo quizá sea un mejor bar, pero si se tienen ganas traviesas de buscar un club de strippers, Wet Dreams tiene chicos muy guapos. Blue Massage en Zona Romántica te hará sentir como nuevo, y finalmente, para clubes de playa, Blue Chairs y Sapphire Ocean Club nos dan la bienvenida para un memorable día de sol, arena y mar.

Puerto Vallarta debe considerarse indudablemente para este verano, o para escapar del frío invierno de la ciudad donde habites y celebrar Navidad este año. Como se ve, hay mucha diversión esperando. Que no se olviden el bloqueador solar y un traje de baño atrevido.

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Google and Puerto Vallarta

The same technology used by Google Maps to allow users to experience 360º street views of locations around the world is now being used to bring people closer to previously unavailable places. Many of us have seen Google’s conspicuous vehicles traveling through the city, collecting imagery that can be incorporated into their mapping system.

Advances in their equipment now allows for a portable version of the same camera system. Worn like a backpack, Google Maps in now able to open our eyes to places we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.

In recent months, Google staff has visited our destination, creating beautiful images of the Marietas Islands, Marina La Cruz, Vallarta Adventures’ Dolphin Center, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens and Las Caletas, among others. These locations now form part of Google’s Special Collections-Mexico, an increasing collection of landmarks located throughout the country.

Visit  Best Gay Puerto Vallarta  for  EVERYTHING VALLARTA!

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