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Gay Travel to Egypt, Tunisia and the Maldives, BEWARE!

Countries where homosexual acts are a criminal offence are to be added to Germany’s list of travel warnings for tourists, the government told parliament Tuesday.

The Foreign Ministry said there were 55 nations where visitors potentially faced prosecution for homosexual acts.

These include popular tourist destinations such as Egypt, Tunisia and the Maldives. It said travel advisories would be revised to take account of those laws.

China, Iran and Saudi Arabia were also on the list.

The ministry said German nationals had been arrested on suspicion of homosexual acts in Morocco, Gambia, Ghana and Lebanon since 2007, and four had received prison terms in Morocco.

Some countries, such as Australia and Brazil, actively advertise to gay tourists, promoting themselves as destinations for same-sex romance.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! You don’t want to be arrested in foreign lands, trust me!

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