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Ru Pauls Drag Race Tour



RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of The SeasonsCondragulations” Tour in a city near YOU, featuring a night of show-stopping performances by the world’s most talented drag performers, including winners and fan favorites from Logo TV’s hit series “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Over 40 cities in the US, Canada and Europe. The largest drag tour in history!

Adore Delano, Alaska 5000, Ben Dela Crème, Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, Darienne Lake, Detox, Ivy Winters, Jiggly Caliente, Jinkx Monsoon, Manila Luzon, Pandora Boxx, Phi Phi O’Hara, Raja and Sharon Needles. Plus Special Guest Cary NoKey and host Michelle Visage. (Lineup varies by city and is subject to change.)

February 1-April 13, 2015.  CHECK  CITIES  AND TICKETS!


LGBT Gay Baseball Night in St Louis

Join Pride St. Louis for the 5th Annual Out at the Ballpark Celebration taking place on Sunday August 3rd at 1:15 pm.


Tickets are only $25 and are available at Soulard Bastille, Cheap Trx, Coffee Cartel, JJ’S CLUBHOUSE, Just John and Rehab Saint Louis.

Enjoy the Gateway Men’s Chorus and Charis as they perform “God Bless America” on the field at Busch Stadium.

Catch the Red Bull Shuttle outside Just John for just $5 and all proceeds go to Pride St Louis


Enjoy Sunday Funday and the St. Louis Cardinals as they take on division rivals Milwaukee Brewers.


Gay Pride 2014 is Coming ! To a City Near You!

GAY PRIDE IS COMING!  Over the next 6 months, gay prides will be happening  coast to coast!

PHOENIX PRIDE  April  5-6, 2014

MIAMI  PRIDE   April  11-13

TOKYO PRIDE  April 27rh

SAO PAULO PRIDE    May 4th, 2014 – the BIGGEST in the WORLD


NEW JERSEY  PRIDE   June 1st, 2014

LOS ANGELES  PRIDE  June 6th-8th

MILWAUKEE  WI   Pride   June 6th-8th

CAPITAL PRIDE  DC  June 6th-8th

DETROIT  PRIDE  June  7th-8th



BOSTON PRIDE  June 8th-16th

KEY WEST PRIDE  June 11th-15th 2014

NASHVILLE PRIDE  June 12th-14th


PITTSBURGH  PRIDE   June 14th-15th

BERLIN PRIDE   June 14th-15th

OSLO PRIDE June  20th-29th

HOUSTON GAY PRIDE  June 20th-29th

PLUS in 2014, Toronto will actually be  WORLD  PRIDE with even BIGGER  crowds


NEW YORK CITY PRIDE  June 24th-29th

TAMPA  FL   PRIDE  June 27th-29th

PARIS PRIDE   June 28th



CHICAGO PRIDE FEST  June 21st – 22nd

(they are trying to fill in the days in between to make a full week of pride)



MADRID PRIDE July 2nd-6th


SAN DIEGO PRIDE  July 18th-20th

STOCKHOLM PRIDE  July 28th – Aug. 2nd

MONTREAL PRIDE July  July 28th-Aug. 3rd

AMSTERDAM PRIDE August 1st-3rd – with floats on the canal!

ANTWERP PRIDE August 4th-11th

REYKJAVIK PRIDE August 5th-10th

CHICAGO MARKET DAYS – August 9th-10th   (not really pride – but a big party!)

OTTAWA PRIDE  August 15th-24th

PRAGUE PRIDE August 11th-17th

COPENHAGEN PRIDE  August 26th-31st

ATLANTA  PRIDE  August  27th-Sept. 1st

SOUTHERN DECADENCE  –  August 27th-September 1 (not really pride – but a big party)

LAS VEGAS PRIDE  September 2nd-8th

AUSTIN TX  PRIDE   September 20th

DALLAS PRIDE   September 21st

MAUI HAWAII   October 4th-5th

GAY PRIDE is a time of celebration and with that, usually comes some drinking.  MAKE SURE YOU DRINK WATER AS WELL!  Keep yourself hydrated! You don’t want to go to the hospital with your boa and go go shorts on!  (poor guy!)



Social Outreach Seattle Releases Approve 10 R-74 Ads

Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea) released the first of over 10 Approve
Referendum 74 campaign ads to be released one a day, once a day, from October 1 – 15.

SOSea: Straight Allies
the history of minorities securing civil rights, there have been
individuals that are part of the majority who have the foresight to see
progression as something to welcome, and stand up for the
disenfranchised. For the LGBTQ movement, these individuals are
manifested as Straight Allies.
encourages ALL Straight Allies to come out in public support of
Marriage Equality and to vote to Approve Referendum 74 in November.
WATCH  SOSea: Straight Allies video 
Director: Dru Dinero
Director of Photography: Joshua Nelson
Audio Engineer:
Nicholas Ryan Wilson
Assistant Director: Daniel Hanks
Executive Producer: Shaun Knittel
Producer: Ryan Crawford
Editor: Dru Dinero
Music by: Jack Mozie
Photo Archive: Nate Gowdy

A very special thanks to: State Senator Ed Murray, Michael Shiosaki, State Representative Maureen Walsh, State Representative Jamie Pedersen, Lauren Husband, Daniel Hanks, Donnally Thomas, Dru Dinero, Yee-Shin Huang, Shaun Knittel, Darrell Goodwin-Moultry, Marshan Goodwin-Moultry, and Alvin. 
SOSea video series is an answer to LGBTQ community members who ask,
‘Where are the gay people in gay marriage equality TV spots?,'” said
Social Outreach Seattle Founder and Executive Director Shaun Knittel.
“By reaching out to local leaders in the LGBTQ equality movement,
community members, entertainer, and allies, SOSea has produced over 15
different ads that range from humorous to heartfelt in an effort to
reach voters in all communities.”
said, ” SOSea leadership does not believe that by showing the diversity
of the LGBTQ community and our Allies, will turn voters off. Instead,
we believe that by showing our differences (and presenting them in a
forum where most people get
their news and information: Online) voters in and out of the LGBTQ and
Allied communities will hear the message loud and clear that what we are
after is equal right, unequivocally, as who we really are: a wonderful,
vibrant, culture whose right to marry the person they love is up for
popular vote. It should always be popular to vote for love. A vote to
Approve R-74 is a vote to Approve Love.”


SOSea ROCK THE VOTE fundraiser for marriage equality. OCT 3, 2012
Referendum 74 March and Rally   OCT 6, 2012

coalition’s mission is to empower the Seattle LGBTQ and allied
communities to work together to address and ultimately fix social
justice issues in Seattle and beyond. SOSea uses social media, video
production, photo messaging, editorial content and more, to get the
message out that inequality will not be
vision is a community where LGBTQ and allied communities come together
in response to social justice issues they support or condemn, help LGBTQ
and allied businesses, orgs, clubs, and individuals in need of
advocacy, and organize public rallies for visibility.

To learn more and to see how you can get
involved with SOSea, “LIKE” the coalition on Facebook and Tweet the love on Twitter


Q Capital Hill Dance Bar Opens in Seattle

Q Capitol Hill Opens in Seattle
by Shaun Knittel
Best Gay Cities Staff Writer
The much anticipated Q Capitol Hill, a 12,000-square-foot dance club in Seattle’s gay neighborhood, experienced a grand opening on September 8 that could only be described as perfect. There was a line around the block, guests were gay and straight alike, and if social networks had anything to say about it, Q is a hit.
The key to Q’s – seriously – grand opening success had little to do with any one person or scene, but everything to do with the aesthetic, a state-of-the-art sound system, and Q’s mantra, “Music is our message.”
Simply put – Q Capitol Hill looks and sounds better than any other club on The Hill … or the entire City for that matter.
The owners installed a custom system from Funktion One and lighting design by SJ Lighting. C Scott Smith, managing partner of Q, promised Seattleites a space that “gets back to basics of a what a club should be about.” According to Smith those basics are the best Dj’s on the planet, playing on the finest sound system, while showcasing emerging local musical talent. However, Smith didn’t stop there. Moving beyond the basics to the must-have’s, he told the gays and straights that Q would be a club that has stunning interior design and lighting, and would provide impeccable service to its customers.
That’s a tall order to fill. Only, Smith and his team nailed it. Q Capitol Hill is exactly as advertised.
Les Sterling, managing editor at the entertainment blog Seattle Gay Scene, called the opening “a smashing success.”
“There were endless comparisons to clubs in new York, London, Chicago and LA all throughout the evening among our group of people,” He wrote in a September 10 blog entry Why Q Works (
While Sterling praised Q’s round bar design, unisex bathrooms, and interior entry queue (which is brilliant in a city like Seattle where it rains more than it shines) he points out that with Q’s “strategic and brilliant lighting” is “purposeful.”
“One of the things that grosses me out faster than just about anything at a club or a bar, is if the walls and ceiling are painting (sic) matte black, and there’s no lighting to speak of,” said Sterling. “If a bar is that dark, it’s because they’re trying to hide their ugly – Q wants you to see EVERYTHING they have to offer.”
There is no denying that Q looks good. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, an award-winning firm best known recently for their Apple Stores, as well as Seattle City Hall, designed the club. Robert Miller of the Seattle office oversaw the project.
Once inside, customers will find all the things you would expect from a modern night club like a coat check, a mezzanine (overlooking the dance floor and bar), and hot bartenders. But there are a few items that make Q stand out. First and foremost The Bourbon Bar.
Q’s bar program features a vast collection of American bourbons. Smith moved to Seattle in 2003, but is originally from Kentucky where his family has deep bourbon ties. The Bourbon Bar, featured prominently at the frontend of the club (which is actually the back end of the club, although it is closest to Broadway) serves as either a semi-private or private area and can accommodate up to 25 people. It isn’t VIP exactly, (Smith has said of Q, “We want to avoid the elitist attitudes of upscale lounges with separate VIP areas.”) but it is far enough removed from the intensity of the dance floor that once you are situated in The Bourbon Bar, even with the EDM music playing, you feel comfortable and want to settle in.
What also makes Q stand out is the customer service. While you would think that customer service would be at the top of any bar or nightclub’s list of rules, it unfortunately falls by the wayside at many Capitol Hill waterholes. Q is different. And it starts at the door (shouldn’t it always?) and is consistent all throughout the entire staff. Smith has hired what he calls “Security Concierge” instead the more vulgar, albeit realistic “security guards.” Normally I would call bullshit and point out how pretentious that is but the truth is, the security team was so nice, so alert and communicative, they really do fit the Q’s title for them.
When Q owners first announced the club’s creation, Smith and his business partner were unclear if Q would be a gay dance club or not; instead Q released a statement that said, “At Q, everyone is welcome.”
That didn’t go over so well.
Seattle is what I like to describe as a “little big city.” Meaning, it’s not as big as Los Angeles, and it’s not as small as Bakersfield. If Seattle were porridge it would be “just right.” Word travels fast in the Emerald City – especially on The Hill. So when locals got wind that the old auto garage space at 1426 Broadway was being remodeled into a behemoth of a dance club, excitement and speculation ran wild.
When gay residents found out that Q’s owners were previously involved in the New York City club scene (Back in Chelsea, Smith was a part of the creation of XL, a gay club) they assumed Q would plant its rainbow flag and all would be right in the world.
Q did plant their rainbow flag – but they did it in the 2012 way. These days it is all about being inclusive.
Smith, who is gay, maintains, “We are a Capitol Hill nightclub. And that means that everybody that is part of this neighborhood is welcome at Q.”
In the weeks leading up to the September 7 Exclusive (invite only) Preview Party, which featured an open bar, light and sound display, and acted as a sneak peak for the roughly 800 people “on the list” and the September 8 Grand Opening, it became clear that Q would not lose customers to this notion that in 2012 bar and nightclub owners should still have to declare just how gay the space will be. It’s located on Capitol Hill – trust me, it’s gay.
Q Capitol Hill is open 7 nights a week at 1426 Broadway (between Pike and Union). For more information go to
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