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Mr Gay Orange County OC Crowned

Forget about the Real Housewives of Orange County!
How about the Real Gay Men of Orange County?!

For the first time ever, the Orange County gay community hosted a pageant to crown Mr Gay Orange County and raise money for charity.

Tom Stephens, one of the organizers, said he was inspired to host the competition after a friend died from cancer last year.

“I felt like I was wasting my life,” Stephens said. “I needed to do something outside of my life.”

The Orange County Mr. Gay competition became that venue for Stephens after he met with the organizers for the national contest at a travel show in Las Vegas.

“I thought it would be interesting,” Stephens said. “This would be fun, and I get to raise money for charity.”

Proceeds from an opportunity drawing on Saturday and any funds raised by contestants will go to AIDS Services Foundation , Orange County and The Center Orange County. Nearly  $5,000  was  raised and they are planning on holding the event every year.

Tyrone Jackson was the winner this year.

“It’s super exciting,” Jackson said of his new title. “It shows that with heart and determination you can do anything. It’s a big platform, but I can handle it.”

Jackson also captured the title of Mr. Community for raising $500, the most among the contestants.


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Gay Vietnamese March in Orange County Little Saigon TET Parade

itself is very welcoming
 to the LGBT communities.

This past month, there has been much in the press about the gay vietnamese community and the TET parade.

Last week   – WESTMINSTER – A coalition of Vietnamese gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender groups said they will march down Little Saigon streets  – a first for the annual Tet Parade. Once Gay and lesbian Vietnamese-Americans said they were  marching in  the Parade, it sparked rebukes from a City Council member and Christian leader.

The groups have chapters in Orange County, but they have never actually participated in an Orange County public event.

Rev. Nguyen Thanh Van and Westminster City Councilman Andy Quach made very vocal negative comments.
The minister, who leads the Hội Đồng Liên Tôn interfaith council, called on religious and political groups to boycott the parade.

Quach, who is chairman of the parade’s organizing committee, issued a letter in Vietnamese that, stated the politician wishes he could ban the gays but that he can’t. He asked that everyone still turn out and enjoy the parade.

Despite opposition, the group marched anyway. Towleroad reader Rob Hoang published  this photo of him and his boyfriend
marching with the first LGBT group to march in the Orange County Tet (Vietnamese New Year) parade in California.

“We were anxious, prepared for the worst,” stated one UCLA participant who had been cautioned in an AQWA newsletter and various forums to be wary of possible protests being staged against the LGBT marchers.

“Boos”  totaled less than five. Cheers rose from the crowd as the Vietnamese LGBT marchers were announced in English, followed by a second–perhaps more unexpected–wave of cheers as they were again announced in Vietnamese.

And in an extreme act of hypocrisy, Andy Quach, an Orange County City Councilman who warned of gays and lesbians “any extreme or outrageous material not suited for children” while participating in this year’s Vietnamese Tet Parade, rode in the parade in a car painted with tits and ass. That’s real nice Andy.

The call for a boycott from Reverend  Thanh Van,  and other religious conservatives ended in a massive fail and a potential political migraine for Andy Quach.

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