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Zakar Twins with Drag Queen Christmas Tour and More!

zakar twins book pray the gay away

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon the Zakar Twins, but I found them on Instagram and have been a loyal follower, watching their careers soar for over 1 year now! Their best-selling book “Pray The Gay Away” came out in the Fall of 2017. That’s probably about the time I first discovered them.

These young gay models, writers, entrepreneurs, leaders in the LGBTQ+ community, and lovable goofballs Michael and Zach Zakar are known not only for their identical good looks but for trailblazing a path forward for queer people who come from Near and Middle Eastern cultures. As smart as they are funny, their memoir last year is a dual-account tragicomedy about growing up with deeply religious Iraqi immigrant parents.

“Mom knows.” A simple text that would change two twin brothers’ lives forever. Coming out is hard. The struggle is ongoing, a daily part of life whether to a new friend, a co-worker, or most importantly yourself. Pray the Gay Away chronicles Michael and Zach as they face awkward sexual encounters, drug-fueled escapades, coming out to each other, and their biggest foe – Mom, a woman who not only gave birth to what she calls one regret – but two.

The memoir hilariously and poignantly explores what it’s like growing up as gay, Iraqi twins in modern America. Pray the Gay Away was inspired the night Mom snuck into their bedroom and force fed them “holy grapes,” determined to “de-gay” them. She threw Holy Water on them as well!

The Zakar Twins are new voices speaking out against generations, particularly within the Iraqi culture, who look down on being gay. This book is not only for the LBGTQ community, but for young adults, looking to achieve normalcy.

“The book started kind of as a hateful thing. We wrote it because we were angry that our Mom reacted in such a demeaning way,” Zach said. “Then, over time, the project, it really resulted in kind of a beautiful thing. We were growing with the book, it was growing with us.”

zakar twins gay male models


zakar twins male models

Currently they are on tour with Drag Queen Christmas – The Naughty Tour! 37 cities now through Dec 29th! Presented by Murray & Peter. They will be heading South and West in the coming weeks. Get specific city and tour info at

Their Mom has come a long way to acceptance and actually attended the show in Detroit! Her first drag show ever!

I am told that the producers, Murray and Peter are helping to bring their book to Off Broadway, hopefully in time for Pride 2019!

Recently the brothers relased a calendar for 2019. Defiance: taking a stance on changing the world’s conservative view on what it means to be gay in the Middle Eastern world. Shot by Dexter Brown.

“Everyone has their own unique story. Fortunately for us, we just wrote ours down,” Zach said with a laugh. “The book is done, but it’s not finished. We’re writing two more books about different things.”


Buy the BOOK and CALENDAR Here.

Get to know Michael and Zach with their great YouTube videos!

ZT on Instagram

ZT on Facebook

ZT on Twitter

ZT My Twin Chat App – a way to communicate with others who might be struggling with coming out or just needing someone to talk to. Many people coming out usually feel like they are the only one. So this app is a support system for those scared to talk to a stranger or a close friend.

“You cannot forget the bigger picture. It feels like life is caving in to a lot of people when it first happens. I think that’s one of the scariest things. Because all I was worried about, was when you grow up, there’s so much involved in the bigger picture,” Michael said. “That’s what I tell people, just realize there is light at the end of the tunnel even if it feels almost impossible.”



Harvey Milk Remembered Nov 27th in San Francisco

Source   Towleroad

Gay rights icon Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone will be remembered on November 27 at 7 pm with a candlelight walk from the plaza named for Milk to City Hall, where they were assassinated by SF Supervisor Dan White 40 years ago.

The walk, which will echo the spontaneous march that took place shortly after the murders, is being organized by the Harvey Milk LBTQ Democratic Club, which writes: “In November of 1978, bookending the Thanksgiving holiday, the city of San Francisco and, it might be said, the world was changed forever. The double horror of the tragedy at Jonestown, followed by the slaying of Harvey Milk and George Moscone was a crushing trauma to the heart and soul of San Francisco, and yet in that darkness we rose together in candlelight not only to remember those we had lost but to strengthen and galvanize ourselves to give them voice to continue their fight and and vision for the future….In honour of that same eloquent response, the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club invites all to join us in quiet reflection from those who knew these great advocates of social justice at Harvey Milk Plaza. Following this, we will walk in candlelight to the steps of City Hall where current community leadership will echo their vision, just as those who were there did that warm November night in 1978.


San Francisco LGBT Leather Park

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — A plan is in the works for a parklet in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood that would celebrate the area’s historic ties to the LGBT and leather communities.

According to the Bay Area Reporter, a developer of a new mixed-use housing and retail development is backing a proposal to turn part of a 12th Street between Harrison and Bernice into a leather-themed pedestrian plaza.

Eagle Plaza, as it would be called in relation to the nearby former Eagle Tavern, would be a public space and is within an area designated by the city as an LGBT cultural heritage district.  READ MORE HERE.



Ru Pauls Drag Race Tour



RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of The SeasonsCondragulations” Tour in a city near YOU, featuring a night of show-stopping performances by the world’s most talented drag performers, including winners and fan favorites from Logo TV’s hit series “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Over 40 cities in the US, Canada and Europe. The largest drag tour in history!

Adore Delano, Alaska 5000, Ben Dela Crème, Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, Darienne Lake, Detox, Ivy Winters, Jiggly Caliente, Jinkx Monsoon, Manila Luzon, Pandora Boxx, Phi Phi O’Hara, Raja and Sharon Needles. Plus Special Guest Cary NoKey and host Michelle Visage. (Lineup varies by city and is subject to change.)

February 1-April 13, 2015.  CHECK  CITIES  AND TICKETS!


Harvey Milk Remembered in San Francisco Today

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 27TH – Harvey and George were the brightest beacons of hope for San Francisco’s disenfranchised and displaced.  But more than that, they represented the spirit of San Francisco, a city ofr anyone and everyone, welcoming to all, affordable to all, with justice for all.  35 years later, the time has come again for us to gather, one and all, to remember Harvey and George.  More importantly, the time has come to make their vision of a city of hope come alive.  Now more than ever, we have to give each other hope.

The vigil will begin at Milk Plaza at 7pm followed by a candlelight march down Market Street to City Hall.  A performance by the Gay Men’s Chorus, words of inspiration from Dustin Lance Black, and a recorded message from Harvey Milk will conclude the evening.

ASL Interpretation and Spanish translation will be provided as well as accessible transportation from Milk Plaza to City Hall.

Also don’t miss the 25th Annual World AIDS Day mobilization on December 1st.  The Castro Theater is screening the award-winning We Were Here which will be followed by a silent vigil on Castro Street at 9pm.


Best Gay Cities?

Who are the best gay cities. and says who?! Being a great LGBT city doesn’t just mean having a raucous nightlife, so
if you expected to see Hell’s Kitchen, Boystown  or the Castro, you’re reading the
wrong list.

According to The Advocate, you need to look at LGBT elected officials; HRC Equality Index; and possibly fabulous shopping! According to all this criteria, Tacoma, Washington, tops the list!
Travel site GayCities released its list of the best gay hotspots of 2012,
and San Francisco nabbed the top spot in both the “most scenic” and
“most pride” categories. It earned runner-up status in several others.

New Orleans takes the crown (or tiara?) as the second most gay-friendly city, according to Travel + Leisure
readers. The annual America’s Favorite Cities survey asks readers to
rank 35 cities in categories such as walkable streets and great ethnic
food. This year, they added gay-friendly travel, and while cities with an
obvious connection to the gay rights movement–such as San Francisco and
New York–ranked near the top, so did some less obvious places that
have clearly made a point to welcome the LGBT community.
Cities like Detroit and Sacramento may not register as high on your gaydar as Boston or San Francisco,
but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty to offer gay travelers.
Many of us end up passing through smaller or less glamorous cities,
perhaps on business, visiting friends or relatives, or enjoying a quick
weekend getaway. It’s always a pleasant surprise to discover that a
destination you had modest hopes for fosters a vibrant gay social scene.
Here are some under rated cities. 
What about the most gay friendly places to live? lists these cities
Everyone has an opinion – what’s yours??

EDEN in the San Francisco Bay June 27-30, 2013

June 27-30, 2013. 

THOUSANDS of women in San Francisco! 

Four days of parties, music and DJ’s galore , dancing, comedy, fashion and fun events.
EDEN Pride Events is
committed to bringing quality events of every genre to the Bay Area, as
well as to our regional, national and international constituencies. EDEN
Pride Events believes in the idea that art, in any form, makes our
local and global communities better places to live. We challenge
ourselves into making those ideas become realities for our team, our
artists, our performers, our DJs, our vendors and our communities.
Get all of the info at
Follow them on Facebook.
BEST GAY CITIES is giving away weekend passes and VIP passes!
Leave a comment below (leave your email in the private portion)
And we’ll be randomly doing drawings next month!

San Francisco get’s a Light Show for their Bridge

San Francisco’s OTHER BRIDGE, gets a make-over.
The project is the brainchild of Ben Davis, chairman of the nonprofit group Illuminate the
Arts. Davis admitted a fondness for San Francisco’s often-overlooked
bridge — which opened six months earlier than its famous sister, the Golden Gate — and
said the span’s 75th anniversary provided a good opportunity to do something
It cost about $8 million and only costs $15 a night to run. 
But the city is hoping, over the next 2 years, the bridge lights will help generate $97 million to the local economy.  Read more and watch the video at LA Times

Mariela Castro to Visit San Francisco

Anticipation over a multiday San Francisco visit by the niece of
Fidel Castro has thrust The City into U.S. presidential election
politics while stirring up some classic fears of communist infiltration.

Sexologist and gay rights activist Mariela Castro — the daughter of
Cuban President Raúl Castro — was granted an exception to strict
international travel restrictions by U.S. officials and obtained a visa
for her trip. She plans to participate in panels on LGBT issues in
health and culture at San Francisco General Hospital and the downtown
Marriott Marquis, where the Latin American Studies Association is
holding a conference.

Castro is not expected to grant interviews during her visit, but she
will also appear at the LGBT Center on Market Street tonight for a
discussion slated to include audience questions. And while Cuba hasn’t
always been known for its support of gay rights — with the 1959
communist revolution leading to persecution of homosexuals with
imprisonment and “re-education camps” — local LGBT leaders are pointing
to Mariela Castro as
someone who is helping to change the legacy her family helped establish.

“She has a unique position as the president’s daughter, and she has a
lot of influence in the country,” said Jeff Cotter, the executive
director of the San Francisco-based Rainbow World Fund. “That sends a
really fantastic message to everybody that it’s time for change.”

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:


San Francisco Site Highlights LGBT Daily Events WSUP NOW

There are lots of gay and queer events always going on San Francisco – and not one real
place that categorizes it in a easy and quick, digestible way. So  Stuart Leung came up with a site that readers can quickly scan and see whats happening in San Francisco.

I found that even after 7 years in San Francisco, I still didn’t
know what was going on at all the gay establishments in the city. I am
not a party animal or scenester that goes out five days a week, but I
am not a shut-in either.

And when I do want to go out, I want to be able to make the right
decisions. And not knowing what’s going on at 75% of the bars on any
given night, I’ll find myself relying on what is familiar and what I
am comfortable with. Sometimes I do like the tried and true, sometimes
I want to experience something different, and other times I like going
to check out other scenes.
”  says  Stuart.

“The site has been live for about four months now, so it’s still in
its infancy. We’ve consciously made the decision to fly under the
radar and grow slowly while we continued to tweak the site, improve on
the features, functionality and user experience
.”  he adds.


Pacifica California Waterfront Lodging Just Minutes South of San Francisco

is perhaps the most beautiful state we have in the US – at least in my opinion.

You can travel from Northern to Southern and see so many spectacular areas. San Francisco is often rated one of the most popular tourist destinations for both straight and gay travelers. And one of my favorite trips is fly into SF, stay a couple days, then rent a car and drive down the coast stopping in various cities along the way!

Courtney Conlon, CEO of the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce announced today the launch of the new Visit Pacifica website (, as the seaside community embarks on a marketing plan to promote Pacifica as a destination for travelers. 

Seeking to increase tourism, business and residential opportunities, Pacifica provides the only waterfront lodging opportunities in the immediate San Francisco area and a plethora of affordable and outdoor activities suited to visitors near and far. 

“We are so pleased to get the word out to a broader audience about Pacifica, said Conlon.  “We are a true coastal gem located just 15 minutes south of San Francisco and the airport, yet our visitors say they feel worlds away and right at home when they are here.  We like to think of ourselves as the first doorway to serenity from San Francisco, with so many outdoor adventures – from hiking and biking to surfing, and golfing, making us a destination for visitors of all ages and interests.” 

With the “staycation” trend in travel and tourism continuing to rise, Pacifica provides a home away from home for Bay Area residents and visitors alike.  Its rich cultural heritage and bohemian-esque personality make it an original destination worth uncovering.  Pacifica’s vibrant and unique offerings and natural beauty make it a haven for locals and travelers alike.  Its diverse and affordable lodging, dining and entertaining options offer a wonderful opportunity to travelers considering a serene locale to relax and spend time with family and friends.

“We are really pleased to share Pacifica’s message with the larger community, and let more people know about our wonderful city,” said Mayor Mary Ann Nihart.  “We hope to share the natural beauty and our wonderful community with many visitors and potential businesses and residents.”

The new branding campaign will promote all the elements that make Pacifica a special destination for visitors near and far.  Along with the launch of the Visit Pacifica website, the Chamber employed Mana Brand Marketing to create the unique personification of a mermaid as its new logo, beckoning travelers to this ethereal enclave.  The logo reflects Pacifica’s historic identity and calls travelers to enjoy the beauty of its seaside location.  The mermaid has been utilized since the 1950’s to promote the town’s local Fog Festival, and throughout its history. 


Pacifica’s rich history began

during the same 1769 expedition that founded the entire San Francisco Bay.  Led by Gaspar de Portol of Balaguer, Catalonia, Spain, the expedition came across the same Mediterranean climate and fertile farmland that later beckoned immigrants from Ireland and Italy.  A thriving vegetable farming area soon produced the largest artichoke crop in the country in the 1890s.  Today, Portol remains Pacifica’s Sister City.   The very name Pacifica means “peace” in Spanish, and lends itself to the ethereal natural surroundings of hills and beaches.


Whether taking in the view from an oceanfront room in Pacifica’s beachside hotels, watching the sun set over a candlelit dinner or experiencing the vast beauty of the area from atop one of Pacifica’s many cliffs, there are many unforgettable experiences, historical treasures and spectacular walking and hiking trails to explore.  With delicious restaurants and cafes, comfortable hotels and unique shops, there is something for everyone in Pacifica.

** San Francisco has a Gay Bowling League – and according to their Facebook page bowl at Sea Bowl in Pacifica, CA at 7:30 PM on Monday nights!


Tales of the City…Walking Tour now in San Francisco

Few will deny the impact that
Armistead Maupin’s
Tales of the City
has had since they were
first published in the 1970′s. Eight novels that are such an important part of gay culture and history.

Last month we told you about  Tales of the City – The Musical, at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco –  it previewed in May and opens today  Wednesday, 1st June .

The musical is a creative collaboration between the author, the people who brought us the brilliant Avenue Q and the musical minds behind the Scissor Sisters. The reviews have been wonderful.

Now comes  various hikes  around the city and see some of the Tales of the City landmarks

Tours of the Tales charts the exploits of the main characters as walking tours (though for some you’ll need a car) that you can download for free from the website.  There is also a program of free guided tours. The walks have even been endorsed by the author himself.

Here is an overview of what is covered…

Tour 1: In the Beginning:  Aquatic Park and Russian Hill
The one to do if you only have time to do one tour.

Tour 2: North Beach and Jackson Square
Why not also book tickets for Beach Blanket Babylon.

Tour 3A:  Telegraph Hill and Back to Fisherman’s Wharf

Tour 3B: Alcatraz

Tour 4: Chinatown, Nob Hill, The Tenderloin, Union Square

Tour 5: The Castro and Noe Valley

see more at TOURS OF THE TALES


SAN FRANCISCO Says NO to Male Circumcision

A proposal to ban the circumcision of male children in San Francisco has been cleared to appear on the November ballot, setting the stage for the nation’s first public vote on what has long been considered a private family matter.

But even in a city with a long-held reputation for pushing boundaries, the measure is drawing heavy fire. Opponents are lining up against it, saying a ban on a religious rite considered sacred by Jews and Muslims is a blatant violation of constitutional rights.

If the measure passes, circumcision would be prohibited among males under the age of 18. The practice would become a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or up to one year in jail. There would be no religious exemptions.

The proposed ban appears to be the first in the country to make it this far, though a larger national debate over the health benefits of circumcision has been going on for many years. Banning circumcision would almost certainly prompt a flurry of legal challenges alleging violations of the First Amendment’s guarantee of the freedom to exercise one’s religious beliefs.

Supporters of the ban say male circumcision is a form of genital mutilation that is unnecessary, extremely painful and even dangerous. They say parents should not be able to force the decision on their young child.

Read more:


GLBT History Museum Opens in San Francisco

The GLBT History Museum
 is now finally open in San Francisco, 
 at 4127 18th Street
(between Castro and Collingwood).

This longtime dream marks the 25th anniversary of The Society. This museum is one of only two LGBT museums in the world and the only in the U.S.

The official opening is January 13, 2011. Until then, stop by and see the fabulous museum space during this preview! Remember, members and their guests are always free.

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender Historical Society (GLBTHS) collects, preserves, and interprets the history of GLBT people and the communities that support them.

If you can’t get to San Francisco, stop by the site and poke around !


San Francisco – Chocolate Lovers Paradise!


You wouldn’t think of Chocolate necessarily, when you think of San Francisco….But only in San Francisco, with its rich and luscious history of food, can one find four of the nation’s 11 major chocolate manufacturers and a disproportionate number of unique boutique chocolatiers.

The Bay Area is home to some of the greatest chocolate factories in world including: The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, See’s Candies and Scharffen Berger Chocolate (recently acquired by the Hershey Company).


In 1849, an Italian chocolatier by the name of  Domingo Ghirardelli received news of a gold strike at Sutter’s Mill and took it upon himself to strike it rich and sail off to California. While Ghirardelli found no luck in the Gold Rush, he found his fortune in chocolate instead. He established his first chocolate factory in San Francisco’s famous Fisherman’s Wharf, which is considered a historic landmark today.

Ghirardelli is one of the few chocolate companies in the United States to control every aspect of its chocolate manufacturing process, rejecting up to 40 percent of the cocoa beans shipped in order to select what the company calls the “highest quality” beans. The company then roasts the cocoa beans in-house by removing the outer shell of the bean and roasting the inside of it. Today, Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Factory is considered one of the most popular sites in the Bay Area because on any given day, you can find decadent, gooey chocolate churned there. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is a major contributor in the multi-billion dollar industry that can soothe the soul of the savage beast as well as stimulate “feel good” hormones. While chocolate is no longer being manufactured in Ghirardelli Square, the retail store still serves fresh chocolate sundaes and other sweet confections.

See’s Candies was founded by Charles See and his mother Mary See when they opened up shop in 1921. The company is headquartered in South San Francisco.The chocolate in See’s candies has been provided by the Guittard Chocolate Company since the 1950s; See’s and Guittard pioneered the delivery of bulk chocolate in liquid form in tanker trucks in 1959. See’s Candies makes more than 100 varieties of premium chocolate truffles, caramels, toffee, and other candies, including boxed assortments, lollipops, and kosher treats.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate is a Berkeley, California-based chocolate maker, founded in 1996 by sparkling wine maker John Scharffenberger and physician Robert Steinberg. The company is a manufacturer of chocolate (as opposed to chocolatiers, who make their products using chocolate acquired from wholesalers and manufacturers). Scharffen Berger is the first American company founded in the past 50 years to make chocolate from “bean to bar.” Scharffen Berger primarily produces chocolate bars, which are dark chocolate varieties with high cocoa solid content. By 1997 they made the first batch in a small South San Francisco factory using vintage German equipment and basic ingredients including Venezuelan criollo beans and whole Tahitian vanilla. Today, Scharffen Berger makes about a half million pounds of chocolate a year. You can find fine artisan “bean to bar” chocolate in a marketplace atmosphere at Scharffen Berger.

Gourmet Walks includes a Gourmet Chocolate Tour, with tastings of fine chocolate. Guests learn  where to find premium chocolate in San Francisco and discover artisan chocolatiers who create heavenly truffles and butter creams, and stores that sell local and international chocolate bars.

Artisan chocolates have received considerable attention recently, and the flavor notes have ranged from basics like dark, milk, caramel, and coffee, to more exotic fillings including honey and chai. Some flavors chocolatiers have experimented with include grey salt, goat cheese, olive oil and bacon. The trend of using spices like anise, wasabi and saffron mixed with chocolate is sure to get your blood pumping. Chocolatiers’ imaginations are running wild, as chocolate consumers seem up to trying anything these days. San Francisco’s chocolate houses are setting trends and making giving food connoisseurs just one more reason to satisfy their cravings.

Best Gay Cities



Gay Holiday Cheer – Santa in Speedos

Started in Boston in December 2000 by five intrepid men, the Santa Speedo Run has attracted thousands to run through the streets of Boston all while raising money for local charities, spreading holiday cheer and having a great time. It has also influenced others in many cities across North America to duplicate the event.

It was  a freezing  20 degrees this weekend  in Boston for the run.  And  a  balmy(?) 50 in San Franciscio. 

Atlanta and Albany joined in the fund-raising as well this year. 


And A Few More Christmas – Holiday Photos From Some of Our Favorite Gay Cities!

Millions of people come to Rockafeller Center and New York City at Christmas!

The tree, usually a Norway spruce 75 to 90 feet (23 to 27 m) tall, has been put up every year since 1931.

The decorated Christmas tree remains lit at Rockefeller Center until the week after
New Year’s Day, when it is removed and recycled for a variety of uses.
In 2007, the tree went “green,” employing LED lights. After being taken down,
the tree was used to furnish lumber for Habitat for Humanity house construction.

Union Sqaure, San Francisco  – above.
Macy’s Great Tree. Usually about 85 foot with thousands of lites!

Above – Further south in California, you have THE GROVE in Los Angeles
Shopping, dining, choreographed fountains – it’s magic in the Grove!
Then there is the Hollywood Christmas Parade during December, and Disneyland in Anaheim
is our course all done up for the holidays, complete with a nightly snowfall!

Below –   West Hollywood. Perhaps the gayest city in the world?
It is said that more than 33% of it’s population identify with being LGBT!
That a lot of gays!

And at the epicenter is  THE ABBEY   -BEST  GAY  BAR IN THE  WORLD,
as voted recently by  TripOut Gay Travel Awards & Logo.

Best  Gay  Cities!
Happy  Holidays!


MADONNA Announces Special 6 City Holiday Christmas Tour!

Not  that MADONNA. 

We’re talking about THE MADONNA –
As in the VIRGIN MARY!

Over 2000 years ago in the little hillside town of Bethlehem a
miraculous birth occurred. You might think you know the real story,
but you don’t. Jesus’ mother sets the record straight with MADONNA’S CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION, a musical retelling of the birth and life of the young Jesus Christ.

This inspiring holiday show features original
music, plus so-wrong-it’s-right parodies of holiday favorites and Top 40 hits by the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Rihanna and the more-famous Madonna.

 “You could go to Irving Berlin’s White Christmas or the Radio City
Christmas Spectacular, but then how could you look at yourself in the mirror the next morning? Instead, try the holiday show that dares to  dress our Holy Mother in drag.”
– New York Observer.

Move over Britney Spears! The Madonna — as in the Virgin Mary (or
Lady MaMa, in some circles) — announces her first U.S. holiday tour in over 2000 years.

Kicking off in New York City on December 6th at
The Laurie Beechman Theater, MADONNA’S CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION tour will
be performed in 6 cities stretching from Maine to California. Tickets,  show times and venue information is available at 212-352-3101 or  Virgin Mary Live.

MADONNA’S CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION is conceived and delivered by drag
writer/performer Mimi Imfurst and composer/lyricist/arranger Mike
Pettry (winner of the 2007 Jonathan Larson and Fredrick Loewe Awards).

• Dec. 6 at 7:00pm – New York, NY –
Laurie Beechman Theater (407 West 42nd Street).

• Dec. 8 at 8:00pm – San Francisco, CA –
Finn’s Funhouse (814 Grove Street).
• Dec. 9 at 8:00pm – San Francisco, CA –
Finn’s Funhouse (814 Grove Street).

• Dec. 11 at 8:00pm – Ogunquit, ME –
Mainestreet (195 Main Street).
• Dec. 12 at 8:00pm – Ogunquit, ME –
Mainestreet (195 Main Street).

• Dec. 13 at 7:00pm – New York, NY –
Laurie Beechman Theater (407 West 42nd Street).

• Dec. 17 at 7:30pm – Washington, DC – EFN Lounge (1318 9th Street NW).
• Dec. 18  at 9:00pm – Washington, DC – EFN Lounge (1318 9th Street NW).

• Dec. 19 at 9:00pm – New Hope, PA – Harlan’s Cabaret (6426 Lower York Road).

• Dec. 20 at 7:30pm – Philadelphia, PA – Q Lounge (1234 Locust Street). 

The show is the 4th annual installment of Mimi Imfurst’s Virgin Mary series, which offers insight into the psyche of the teen mother and the choices Mary had to make as a 13 year-old bride. 

It has been hailed by the Catholic Advocacy Coalition as “worse than the sin of abortion” and “despicable, blasphemous and abominable trash” by  (who never saw the show).

Described by Back Stage as
“somewhere between a plump Ricki Lake and a bawdy Bette Midler,” Mimi Imfurst has quickly established herself as one of NYC’s most outrageous, controversial, and hysterical nightlife personalities.

The inaugural production of Mary, Like A Virgin earned
Mimi Imfurst a prominent spot on the –

Catholic League’s 2006 Report on Anti Catholicism and a
#2 spot on the Catholic Advocacy Coalition’s Top 10 Most Anti-Catholic People of the Year, following Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) in the #1 spot and beating out President George W. Bush  at #3.


Mimi Imfurst on Facebook

Mimi Imfurst on YouTube

Mimi on Mimi

The  Best  Gay Cities

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