San Francisco Site Highlights LGBT Daily Events WSUP NOW

There are lots of gay and queer events always going on San Francisco – and not one real
place that categorizes it in a easy and quick, digestible way. So  Stuart Leung came up with a site that readers can quickly scan and see whats happening in San Francisco.

I found that even after 7 years in San Francisco, I still didn’t
know what was going on at all the gay establishments in the city. I am
not a party animal or scenester that goes out five days a week, but I
am not a shut-in either.

And when I do want to go out, I want to be able to make the right
decisions. And not knowing what’s going on at 75% of the bars on any
given night, I’ll find myself relying on what is familiar and what I
am comfortable with. Sometimes I do like the tried and true, sometimes
I want to experience something different, and other times I like going
to check out other scenes.
”  says  Stuart.

“The site has been live for about four months now, so it’s still in
its infancy. We’ve consciously made the decision to fly under the
radar and grow slowly while we continued to tweak the site, improve on
the features, functionality and user experience
.”  he adds.

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