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Gay Pride 2014 is Coming ! To a City Near You!

GAY PRIDE IS COMING!  Over the next 6 months, gay prides will be happening  coast to coast!

PHOENIX PRIDE  April  5-6, 2014

MIAMI  PRIDE   April  11-13

TOKYO PRIDE  April 27rh

SAO PAULO PRIDE    May 4th, 2014 – the BIGGEST in the WORLD


NEW JERSEY  PRIDE   June 1st, 2014

LOS ANGELES  PRIDE  June 6th-8th

MILWAUKEE  WI   Pride   June 6th-8th

CAPITAL PRIDE  DC  June 6th-8th

DETROIT  PRIDE  June  7th-8th



BOSTON PRIDE  June 8th-16th

KEY WEST PRIDE  June 11th-15th 2014

NASHVILLE PRIDE  June 12th-14th


PITTSBURGH  PRIDE   June 14th-15th

BERLIN PRIDE   June 14th-15th

OSLO PRIDE June  20th-29th

HOUSTON GAY PRIDE  June 20th-29th

PLUS in 2014, Toronto will actually be  WORLD  PRIDE with even BIGGER  crowds


NEW YORK CITY PRIDE  June 24th-29th

TAMPA  FL   PRIDE  June 27th-29th

PARIS PRIDE   June 28th



CHICAGO PRIDE FEST  June 21st – 22nd

(they are trying to fill in the days in between to make a full week of pride)



MADRID PRIDE July 2nd-6th


SAN DIEGO PRIDE  July 18th-20th

STOCKHOLM PRIDE  July 28th – Aug. 2nd

MONTREAL PRIDE July  July 28th-Aug. 3rd

AMSTERDAM PRIDE August 1st-3rd – with floats on the canal!

ANTWERP PRIDE August 4th-11th

REYKJAVIK PRIDE August 5th-10th

CHICAGO MARKET DAYS – August 9th-10th   (not really pride – but a big party!)

OTTAWA PRIDE  August 15th-24th

PRAGUE PRIDE August 11th-17th

COPENHAGEN PRIDE  August 26th-31st

ATLANTA  PRIDE  August  27th-Sept. 1st

SOUTHERN DECADENCE  –  August 27th-September 1 (not really pride – but a big party)

LAS VEGAS PRIDE  September 2nd-8th

AUSTIN TX  PRIDE   September 20th

DALLAS PRIDE   September 21st

MAUI HAWAII   October 4th-5th

GAY PRIDE is a time of celebration and with that, usually comes some drinking.  MAKE SURE YOU DRINK WATER AS WELL!  Keep yourself hydrated! You don’t want to go to the hospital with your boa and go go shorts on!  (poor guy!)



Girlfriends Getaway Special – Ottawa Canada

So much of Gay Travel seems  geared towards men. Well, this one’s for the girls!

Calling all girlfriends to retreat to Canada’s Capital – a city bursting with vibrant culture and surrounded by an oasis of natural beauty. This special package caters to all types and budgets by providing the ability to pick and choose.

Spend a couple days shopping, visiting museums and galleries, dining, indulge in a spa treatment or take in a show! Don’t forget to check out the funky ByWard Market district, where there’s always something happening. It’s the perfect scene for a night out on the town with your friends.

Ottawa is an open, friendly and welcoming destination for gay and lesbian travelers. Canada’s Capital has an LGBT pedigree that extends back to the first-ever gay and lesbian public demonstration in Canada (1971), and that in recent years included perhaps the most public gay marriage of all time between two gay stars of the TV program The Amazing Race.

The centre of gay and lesbian life is the area around Bank Street and Somerset in the downtown core. The growing gaybourhood has shops and bars and is the home base for local institutions serving the LGBT community.
Explore it by day—or by night. But don’t feel you have to limit yourself to one neighbourhood. There are things happening all over. On Sunday evenings, for example, there’s a lesbian coffee club in suburban Barrhaven. You’ll find gays and lesbians all over the city, doing the active things Ottawans do. Check publications such as Capital Xtra for listings and up-to-date information.

And best of all ladies – right now, with the GIRLFRIENDS GETAWAY, you get special pricing and discounts.

Check it out!


Ottawa Canada – Mr Leather Weekend

We had the good fortune of spending time in Ottawa Canada this past August for their Gay Pride Weekend!   What a great city!  So much cultuture, beauty and lots to see and do!

Next Month, is  Mr Leather Ottawa. This year’s MLO theme is DRIVE – a mix of parties, workshops and seminars with  The Mr. Leather Ottawa competition taking  place November 14 – including a new “Full Fetish” segment.

Each year is a little different – a celebration of our core value as a community.  Diversity, respect, integrity, vision, equality.  Find out for yourself what we are all about, what we stand for, and who we are.

MLO is a “be yourself event” – everyone is welcome, from leather VIPs to hardcore fetishists to those who are curious or just want to attend a hot party.  What sets MLO appart?  Our weekend is designed to welcome all, to bring the “leather family” together, and provide opportunities for learning, meeting new friends, and getting to know people. 

St. Brigid’s Centre
November 13-15, 2009
MLO Events and Ticket information.

Other things of interest in Ottawa…

Camouflage – From the Battlefield to the Catwalk

Canadian War Museum    Now   thru  January 3, 2010

This innovative exhibition traces the colourful history of military camouflage over the last century, from the simple concealment of soldiers and objects to the use of camouflage-inspired designs in a wide range of commercial and artistic products.

The art of camouflage has evolved into a phenomenon of popular culture, now as likely to adorn children or fashion models as it is to mask soldiers or jet aircraft. The exhibition uses clothing, art, models, military equipment and other objects to tell the history of this deceptive art, which still makes soldiers disappear, but designer jeans stand out!

The War Museum is a  very cool building. It’s is an unusual structure, low-lying with jagged edges and angular, trapezoidal lines.

Fun Facts!  Every November 11, at 11 am, and only on this day and at this hour, the sun shines through the window of the Museum’s Memorial Hall and illuminates the only artifact in this space: the headstone of Canada’s Unknown Soldier.

ALSO – The War Museum is home to a machine called an “electro-psychometer” (similar to a lie detector) was employed to determine the sexual orientation of civil servants. In this very conservative era homosexuality was a taboo and it was assumed knowledge of that fact could be used against an individual and force this person to collaborate with the enemy. The government intended to protect itself and subjected hundreds of civil servants to tests on this notoriously unreliable device, also referred to as the “fruit machine”.

Canada’s Capital and the country’s fourth largest metropolis, Ottawa is located in Eastern Ontario at the junction of three majestic waterways and just across the Ottawa River from Gatineau, Quebec. A cosmopolitan yet surprisingly intimate G8 capital, Ottawa is a place where you can immerse yourself in Canadiana and culture, embrace and enjoy the great outdoors, even in the heart of the city, join the celebration at year-round festivals and events, and shop and dine in a relaxed urban setting of distinctive neighbourhoods and districts. Whatever the season, come see for yourself!

Best  Gay  Cities


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