Las Vegas – casinos to visit

Of course there is a lot more to Las Vegas than just casinos, as the resort offers an abundance of entertainment – from music concerts to live sporting events – but there is little question that it remains the capital of casino gaming. There are lots of great casinos there, but some in particular, are absolute must visit places for anyone with even the slightest interest in gambling. Top of that list has to be the MGM Grand, which just offers more of everything than any other casino in the resort, making it the place to go for anyone who wants to indulge themselves to the max during their visit.

It may not be quite as spectacular as the MGM Grand, but the Bellagio runs it a pretty close second, and it attracts casino games fans from all over the world. The casino section of this hotel/casino hybrid is absolutely massive, with just the slots section alone taking up an entire floor, and will be heaven for anyone with a love of gambling. This is also true of the Wynn Las Vegas, which has an impressive outer façade of glass covering the building and making it sparkle like a diamond, but really makes its name on the quality of casino gambling it offers, ensuring that it will be a popular choice with solo visitors to Vegas, who want to get down to some serious gaming instead of just going for

For couples, the Venetian could be a better option, as this casino uses Venice as its theme, injecting a little romance into the casino games experience. The whole outside of the huge 120,000 square foot building is a replica of Venice, and you can take a gondola ride together, before playing inside. Or, for couples who prefer excitement to romance, the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino could be the best choice, as the theme of this place is Rio at carnival time, and it is one of the brightest, friendliest, most colourful places to both play and stay while you are Vegas.

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