Gay Days at Disneyland in Anaheim California Oct 5-7, 2012

MORE THAN 30,000 gays and lesbians from California and all over the country, many wearing red shirts! attend  Gay Days Anaheim will be held this year, October 5 through 7th, 2012.

Days Anaheim is a “mix-in” with straight park-goers. –  Gays and
lesbians are encouraged to wear red shirts to the parks to identify one
another and show strong numbers. Official T-shirts are available at the
official Gay Day at Disneyland Web site. –  or be creative and design your own!


Both days in the park will have
gathering times for specific groups including gay youth (sponsored by
The Trevor Project), families, women, singles, and bears. THERE IS
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! This is not just a bunch  of big dance parties featuring shirtless muscle boys. There will be scavenger hunts, lots of various entertainments and a group photo
inside the park. A complete schedule is available at the web site.

How to find out more about Gay Days?

Sign up for the private Gay Days email list. You will get updates
about everything from the parties and hotel rooms to T-shirts and other
Gay Day-related events.

There is still time to grab a plane and get a room!

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