San Diego Gay Pride July 21

LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Carl DeMaio invites community to reception, march with him in San Diego Pride Parade

This November, San Diego has a strong chance of electing its first
LGBT mayor – an amazing development that reflects the diversity and
acceptance that we’re proud of in San Diego.

I’m hoping you will help Carl make history in America’s Finest City!

Yes, my friends, I have a personal interest in this mayoral election.
Carl is my partner, and we’ve been together for nearly four years. He
has been nothing but loving and supportive of me, encouraging me in my
business efforts as publisher of Hale Media, the parent company of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News and SDPIX magazine.

Carl has also supported me in the many causes that I care so deeply
about in our LGBT community. He shares in my financial commitment to
Hillcrest Pride Flag project, for example, which will be unveiled in a
public ceremony on Friday, July 20.

Carl has stood proudly with me at so many LGBT community events in
San Diego, so it puzzles me that some people in our community try to
label him unfairly.

Let me make this one point clear. My Letter to the Community today is
NOT an endorsement by SDGLN, … just me speaking from the heart about
the person closest to his heart: I know where Carl stands, and I stand
with him.

Let me share a few things you may not know about Carl:

— As the first openly gay man elected to City Council, he made representing the LGBT community a priority.

— He helped lead the City Council resolution to ask the Pentagon to repeal its discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

— He supported the City’s first Equal Benefits Ordinance, which will provide equality in benefits for domestic partners.

— He is on the record for supporting marriage equality.

— He supported the designation of Harvey Milk Street in our Hillcrest neighborhood.

— He supported the Pride Flag Project in Hillcrest.

— He has raised thousands of dollars to support LGBT organizations
that provide essential care to our community such as Stepping Stone,
Being Alive and Mama’s Kitchen.

— He helped to bring the Trevor Project to San Diego – to provide
support for LGBT youth in our schools, including the establishment of a
suicide hotline.

I’d be honored to have your support of Carl’s historic campaign for
San Diego mayor. I know that Carl will be proud to represent the LGBT
community as Mayor – and all San Diegans as well — but he needs the
help of the LGBT community to get elected.

Please join Carl and myself for a champagne reception right before
the San Diego Pride Parade! We’ll be gathering at 10 am Saturday, July
21, at the SDGLN office in Hillcrest, which is along the parade route.

Find out more details or RSVP to the champagne reception HERE.

Those who wish can join Carl and myself and other supporters as we march in the Pride Parade. See you Saturday!

 Johnathan Hale, PUBLISHER,


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