Star maps with Josh Flagg in Los Angeles

so I don’t know about this app……is it an invasion of privacy?
A new iPhone tool from “Million Dollar Listing’s” Josh Flagg includes a directory of hundreds of Los Angeles-area celebrity homes.

The Huffington Post got the scoop on this in  May,  and was quickly followed KEN WILLIAMS  (of SDGLN)  interview with Josh that was published on May 25.

Hollywood stars, take note: There’s now an easier way for gawkers and stalkers to figure out where you live.

Josh Flagg, the real estate agent made famous by Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, has launched an iPhone app that includes a directory of hundreds of Los Angeles-area properties associated with celebrities. The app, called Star Maps, differentiates itself from its traditional paper brethren by using the phone’s GPS function to direct users to properties they’d like to see.

The stargazing gawkers reportedly add lots of $$$  to the  Los Angeles’ tourism business. It is estimated  millions of dollars in revenue annually are made off this sector.  Competition is tough.  Starline Tours and newer fly-by-night tour and map purveyors are all competing.

“It is cutthroat out there,” notes Leron Gubler, president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. “They yell at each other; they yell at tourists.

The app is 99 cents. = Create your own customized guided tour to see the homes of your favorite
Hollywood stars. Josh Flagg, star of Bravo’s hit TV series “Million
Dollar Listing,” takes the star maps sold on Los Angeles street corners
and brings them to your iPhone. Star Maps includes an extensive database
of stars’ homes, top-notch GPS technology, and tons of interesting
facts and photos. All information is backed by years of public records,
which guarantees that all the information is accurate.   Search by name – or most popular. More names added soon!

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