WARNING: Gays at DisneyWorld in Orlando!

This is so funny – and tragic!

The Florida Family Associations  spends about $20,000, to fly planes over Disney World, warning potential heterosexual visitors about gay people visiting the park for the annual Gay Days. (this photo is from last year). 

The FFA writes:

Florida Family Association has received
many, many (really?)  letters and emails from people across the country who
patronized Disney World in Orlando to find themselves in the middle of
one of the annual Gay Days at Disney.  The most recent letter we
received was from Willis in Sarasota who wrote “Just a note to let you
know that about 18 years ago my wife and I and our 2 year old
granddaughter were at Disney World when it was ‘Gay Day.’  It was the
most deplorable sight that we ever saw.  I thank you so much for the
vision of the airplane banner warning people.”

We want to warn
families before they expose their children to Gay Day’s same-sex
revelry, before they pay money to Disney for parking, admission,
novelties and food.  We also want to send a message that Gay Day’s
public promotion of homosexuality to a captured audience inside the park
is wrong.

They have nothing better to do with their money?

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