3 Anti Gay Attacks in Washington DC

You wouldn’t normally think of Washington DC  as homophobic.

But let’s face it – with gay marriage in the news more and more – the haters are coming out  more  and  more.  Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, NOM…..on and on. You have got NOM hating on JCPENNY and STARBUCKS for Gods sake! The closer we get to equal rights – the more haters come forward.

Mid March-

A man has been brutally beaten in an anti-gay attack in Washington D.C.’s Columbia Heights neighborhood, NBC Washington reports:

The attack happened around 9:15 pm on
Monday night on Georgia Avenue. The 29-year-old victim says the
homophobic remarks began as he stepped out of a taxi. It wasn’t long
before the suspects assaulted him. The victim managed to call his
partner for help during the attack, but the suspects turned off his
phone. The victims jaw was shattered into two pieces before he was
attacked again and dragged along the sidewalk. The suspects stole the
victim’s iPhone, iPad, and wallet. He is still in the hospital.

Another gay man and a transgender woman were attacked the following day:

The gay male victims remained
hospitalized this week, with one being treated for a bullet wound to his
liver and the other awaiting surgery Wednesday afternoon to repair a
broken jaw. The transgender woman was treated and released for a head
injury after being knocked unconscious. Police have listed the attacks
against the two gay men as anti-gay hate crimes. The attack against the
transgender woman was not listed as a hate crime but police are looking
into the possibility that it may have been an anti-trans hate crime,
according to a police report. Officers assigned to the police Gay &
Lesbian Liaison Unit were said to be involved in the investigation into
each of the incidents.

The attack in which the gay man was shot took place at a local iHOP:

Aaron Woodland, who identified himself as
the victim’s cousin, said he and another cousin were with the victim at
the restaurant when the incident occurred. According to Woodland, the
three suspects were sitting at a table near where the victim and the two
cousins were seated. He said the suspects referred to the victim and
the two cousins repeatedly as “faggies” while the two parties sat at
their separate tables.

An altercation took place in which the victim was shot. More at The Blade regarding description of the crimes and the suspects.

I think many of us, especially in big cities, feel safe most of time.  We think we’re in gay friendly area, we’re safe and accepted….but we  forget, haters are everywhere.  Always  remember that.  Even when we get full equal rights, there will still be haters and bashers. Always be aware of your surroundings and be careful. It’s sad we have to live that way.

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