Demise of the Gay Neighborhoods? LGBT folks Assimilating More

A couple years ago there was a great book Greetings From the Gayborhood: A Look Back at the Golden Age of Gay Neighborhoods  …

From the Castro to Chelsea, Greetings From the Gayborhood, celebrates twelve traditionally gay neighborhoods in America, past and present. Featuring archival images along with nostalgic and sometimes kitschy ephemera (bar ads, event programs, matchbooks, flyers, and more) this scrapbook-style collection is the perfect souvenir for where the boys are and were.

Donald F. Reuter has chronicled the evolution of gay neighborhoods in twelve cities—Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC—and studied how gentrification has affected them and their role in the greater community. Greetings From the Gayborhood is a spirited and sexy time capsule that celebrates the history, creativity, and longevity of gay America.

According to the gay-oriented travel guide Damron’s, the number of self-described gay bars and clubs in the U.S. has dropped 13 percent since 2005.

The reason is that as gay people report feeling more accepted by society, many feel less need to self-segregate…but also, there are more of us now! 

There was also a recent article on REDISTRICTING and how we will affect that.

I think we will always have gay neighborhoods, but as more and more gays people come out, more and more of us blend and assimilate. WE ARE EVERYWHERE!

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