As a fourth generation New Yorker I am so proud to see Marriage Equality happen in my lifetime in the place where gay liberation was born. 

As someone who grew up as an orthodox Jew its  also great to see other people from religious communities understand that this is not a religious issue but an issue of civil rights.
New York is where gay liberation in this country began so it only makes sense for New York to be one of the first states to make marriage equality a reality.   And for this to pass during gay pride—it is truly a day to feel proud of being a New Yorker and American on the right side of history.” 
Ari Gold/Singer, Writer, Performer and Gay Activist

Highly accomplished and openly gay pop artist Sir Ari Gold is a buzz worthy, subculture celebrity in his own right, quickly winning over critics far beyond the reach of the LGBT community. 

Shortly after the release of his captivating and controversial “Make My Body Rock” single, Ari releases the second single off his fourth studio album Between the Spirit & the Flesh.  “Sparkle” emerged with instant interest-catching soul and flavor.  The track features Sarah Dash of Labelle (Patti Labelle and Nona Hendrix) to add a powerhouse female vocal that plays well with Ari’s range and strength.

This self-empowerment anthem is a rallying cry against bullies, but most importantly one’s own view of self-worth.  The music video is directed by acclaimed visual artist and HIV/AIDS activist Duane Cramer.  Making cameo appearances in the “Sparkle” music video are underground NYC superstars, LadyFag, Stephan Keating, Mila Jam, Laverne Cox (from VH-1’s Transform Me) and even Sir Ari’s mother. 

As the mainstream catches up to this pioneering recording and performing artist’s future-forward genius, “Sparkle” continues Sir Ari’s unwavering commitment to LGBT rights and equality.

“There are some out gay artists who want to sort of push aside their sexuality,” he continues, “and that makes them more palatable to straight people. You’ve got to deal with the fact that I do actually like to have sex with men. I’m not just some funny, campy entertainer for straight people to laugh at.”   (Read more of this interview from 2004.)

The NYU and Yale-educated Gold has been doing the national pride circuit  — he is promoting his new album but also  celebrating  his connection with his gay fans.  –  This week he is ST PETERSBERG and  October in ATLANTA!

SPARKLE   video

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