Gay Paris During the Holidays and Christmas

Romantic Christmas in Paris

If yet another Christmas at home seems like a stale, boring tradition endured year in and year out filled with bland cooking and ancient traditions, spending a romantic break in ‘The City of Light’ might be just what you need. Paris  a city that is forever associated with love twinkles at Christmas with lights on the trees, bridges and even the Eiffel Tower, and this beautiful city has something for all tastes over the festive period.
La Marais is Paris’ main gay district, with over 200 gay friendly bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and shops. The area offers boulevard after boulevard of chic stores offering top fashion labels alongside artisan coffee shops, where gay couples can walk hand in hand and not attract even the slightest of glances, perfect for enjoying a croissant and a latte during those cold December mornings.
For those favouring a relaxed Christmas break, Paris provides the perfect backdrop, its world famous sites such as the Champs-Elyeses and the Eiffel Tower allow visitors to enjoy romantic walks whilst taking in the stunning views of the city. Christmas markets run in the city from 19th November 2010 to 28th December 2010 the largest of which is based on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées, the stalls offer up gourmet treats and handmade Christmas gifts, Les Marche de Noel are the perfect place to warm up with a Vin Chaud, a French hot Christmas wine, and enjoy some of the delicious French delicacies on offer.

For those looking for a romantic alternative to your average Christmas meal, wrap up warm grab plenty of champagne, some plastic champagne flutes and any of the tasty treats you’ve acquired from the markets and head to the Pont des Artes, a pedestrian bridge where lovers for years have been putting their Love Locks, padlocks with their names or initials to symbolize their love for each other. Despite the local authorities continually trying to stop people adding their love locks to the bridge this is an ever increasing trend in this city so associated with love. You could even make a pact with your other half that you’ll come back next Christmas to see if the lock is still there, the perfect excuse for another romantic getaway!

If your idea of a romantic Christmas break is a little more adventurous Paris boasts a wild gay club scene, perfect for dancing away those festive nights. Le Queen Nightclub is a gay institution in Paris and is not for the faint hearted; this is where the flamboyant fight for attention so not for the wall flowers out there. If you aren’t backwards in coming forwards however you are guaranteed a fun night here.

L’Insolite is a nightclub that shows disco is still hugely popular, not exactly the most fashionable of venues but if you’re looking for a fun-filled night of dancing and no pretention then this is the place for you.
However you choose to spend your Christmas, this beautiful city is sure to provide you with a romantic festive break somewhere a little different to home.
Charlotte writes for new travel site and if you are looking to visit Paris this Christmas, you might want to also look at the top rated things to do in Paris  on Simonseeks, where you can find inspirational travel guides and expert advice.

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