Lady Gaga Stops by The Round Up Saloon in Dallas

THESE  cowboys were thrilled to meet Lady Gaga when she popped into their local bar this week.

The pop star was just as happy – when she first visited The  Round-Up Saloon  in Dallas, Texas, she was an unknown aspiring artist.

Two years later she dropped in for a drink fresh from her huge stadium performance at the American Airlines Center.

This time she received a huge reception, with one over-eager fan even climbing up to the roof area to get her to sign her arm.

The owners Alan Pierce and Gary Miller first met Gaga when her tour manager contacted them to ask if she could perform a slot in summer 2008.

They said they weren’t keen, as ‘the next Madonna’ wasn’t the usual type of act to perform at the bar.

But the two gave Gaga a chance and she played a couple of songs.


Two years later she was back in the city as part of her world tour, and surprised them by booking out the roof area and arriving with her 15-strong entourage, including her mother, to celebrate her whirlwind success.

Pierce told : ‘She was nice and wonderful now, as she was before she became a big star.’

And Gaga even got a memento of her visit – a belt buckle.

TOWLEROAD has the video clip !


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