Gay Chicago – Shopping, Restaurants, Beaches?

 is world reknowned for its shopping and fantastic resturants. But did you know Chicago is well known for it’s beaches? 

You’ll almost mistake Lake Michigan for an ocean with its vast expanse and seemingly endless shore. With beautiful blue water as far as the eye can see, you may think you’ve gone from Chicago to southern California.

24 Miles of lakefront
31 Beaches
15 Beach walks
9 Harbors

Chicago beaches are free to the general public, and officially open for swimming from the Friday before Memorial Day to Labor Day, 9am – 9:30pm.

However, if weather permits, the beaches in Chicago can have sun bathers in early April  and as late as October – but there are no lifegaurds on duty.

The gay beach is Hollywood Beach. (AKA Kathy Osterman Beach) The gays and gay friendly people hang out at the southern end of the beach.  Weather permitting, the gay boys will be out sunnning themselves late April thru October! But any given Sunday in the summer there are about 200-300 people out here.

Chicago also has the most swimable and most guarded waterfront of any single municipality in the world. While many patrons complain about the cleanliness of the water, Chicago boasts the cleanest urban waterfront in the United States, and second in the world only to Stockholm; water is tested daily by the Chicago Park District for E. coli and other dangers.

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