Having a Gay Marriage in Provincetown…How Gay is That?!

As the official start to summer quickly approaches this weekend, the coastal resort town of Provincetown, Massachusetts begins a season of historic milestones, cultural festivals and more. And many gays will flock to PTOWN to get married.

Since the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts in 2004, Provincetown has earned the distinction of “the place to get married,” issuing more than 2,000 marriage licenses to date.

Today, Provincetown may be the easiest place to get married  as the Town Clerk recently announced the ability to file applications for marriage licenses on Fridays. Given Provincetown’s beautiful seaside setting, colorful environment and consistent rating as the premier gay destination in America, it makes for an ideal wedding spot.

Provincetown has always been many things to many people. A charming New England fishing village, with piers jutting out into the harbor. A bustling art colony of revelry and romance. Here individualism has long been prized. Provincetown has always danced to its own rhythm, and today its music is louder and prouder than ever before.

WOMENS  WEEKENDS ,  BEAR  WEEKENDS  ,  GAY  FAMILIES  WEEKENDS   and More, there is something for everyone here. Voted BEST RESORT TOWN many times, here you’ll find young sweethearts discovering love for the first time and more seasoned couples marking thirty, forty or fifty years. Two moms or two dads might push by with their strollers. Leathermen, bears, dykes on bikes, transgendered folk, and lots of shirtless hunky boys—you’ll spy them all moving easily in the mix. No matter what scene you’re looking for, you can find it.

PTOWN  TOURISM  INFO   and  PTOWN BUSINESS  GUILD    for  more  info.

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