Name Your Favorite Gay City…

And you thought San Francisco
was the gayest city
 in the United States?

Well….yes,  and no. While you can’t get mucher gayer than Folsom Street Fair, the Advocate took at look at cities in the US and   ranked them  by:

-Same-sex couple households per capita
-Statewide marriage equality
-Gay elected officials
-Gay dating and hookup profiles per single male population
-Gay bars per capita
-Cruising spots per capita
-and Gay films in Netflix favorites.

The list is very shocking!

1. Atlanta, Georgia
2. Burlington, Vermont
3. Iowa City, Iowa
4. Bloomington, Indiana
5. Madison, Wisconsin
6. New Orleans, Louisiana
7. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
8. Portland, Maine
9. Austin, Texas
10. Seattle, Washington
11. Gainsville, Florida
12. Ashville, North Carolina
13. Springfield, Massachusetts
14. San Diego, California
15. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Fort Lauderdale I would have guessed. Maybe San Diego. But the other 13?  I had no idea!

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