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Prague Pride 2015

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The 5th edition of the Prague Pride festival will take place from Monday, August 10th through Sunday the 16th, with the Parade, main concert and outdoor party on Saturday the 15th. This year the festival will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a full program to be released soon. The Facebook event of the Prague Pride Parade can be found here.

The Czech Republic is the most LGBT tolerant country of the former Eastern Bloc, with Prague being one of Europe’s top gay destinations. This is reflected by the Prague Pride festival, the biggest and most open LGBT festival in the region. The leading American online newspaper The Huffington Post mentioned Prague as one of the top eight gay destinations in the world and Prague Pride made it to the top ten best Pride festivals in Europe.

The 2014 edition of Prague Pride attracted thousands of visitors every day during the week and more than 20,000 people attended the Gay Pride Parade on Saturday.

There is enough reason to celebrate this year, especially since the 2015 edition will be the fifth edition of Prague Pride.

Prague Pride grew tremendously over the last five years. From a small, local pride festival we became one of the most interesting and inspiring Pride festivals in Europe. As we are heading to our small anniversary, obviously we are preparing the festival which once again will be full of interesting guests, fabulous parties and mind blowing events”, said Czeslaw Walek, president of Prague Pride.

The week-long program is now being prepared and will be officially released soon, but we are already proud to announce that the London Gay Men’s Chorus, the largest gay men’s chorus in Europe with more than 120 singers, will perform on Friday, August 14th for Prague Pride. The popular and unique Pride Village will make an appearance again this year which will be accessible during the entire festival, along with the Business Forum which brings together interesting and inspiring guests from the business world.

Prague Pride 2015 is also unique because attention is being paid to serious LGBT topics and human rights issues. This year the festival will focus on bullying. More details about this topic and the affiliated campaign will be released soon.

The full program will be released at shortly.


Gay Pride 2014 is Coming ! To a City Near You!


GAY PRIDE IS COMING!  Over the next 6 months, gay prides will be happening  coast to coast!

PHOENIX PRIDE  April  5-6, 2014

MIAMI  PRIDE   April  11-13

TOKYO PRIDE  April 27rh

SAO PAULO PRIDE    May 4th, 2014 – the BIGGEST in the WORLD


gay pride tel aviv toronto

NEW JERSEY  PRIDE   June 1st, 2014

LOS ANGELES  PRIDE  June 6th-8th

MILWAUKEE  WI   Pride   June 6th-8th

CAPITAL PRIDE  DC  June 6th-8th

DETROIT  PRIDE  June  7th-8th



BOSTON PRIDE  June 8th-16th

gay-pride news

KEY WEST PRIDE  June 11th-15th 2014

NASHVILLE PRIDE  June 12th-14th


PITTSBURGH  PRIDE   June 14th-15th

BERLIN PRIDE   June 14th-15th

OSLO PRIDE June  20th-29th

HOUSTON GAY PRIDE  June 20th-29th

PLUS in 2014, Toronto will actually be  WORLD  PRIDE with even BIGGER  crowds


NEW YORK CITY PRIDE  June 24th-29th

TAMPA  FL   PRIDE  June 27th-29th

PARIS PRIDE   June 28th



CHICAGO PRIDE FEST  June 21st – 22nd

(they are trying to fill in the days in between to make a full week of pride)



Gay Parade

MADRID PRIDE July 2nd-6th


SAN DIEGO PRIDE  July 18th-20th

STOCKHOLM PRIDE  July 28th – Aug. 2nd

MONTREAL PRIDE July  July 28th-Aug. 3rd

AMSTERDAM PRIDE August 1st-3rd – with floats on the canal!

ANTWERP PRIDE August 4th-11th

REYKJAVIK PRIDE August 5th-10th

CHICAGO MARKET DAYS – August 9th-10th   (not really pride – but a big party!)

OTTAWA PRIDE  August 15th-24th

PRAGUE PRIDE August 11th-17th

COPENHAGEN PRIDE  August 26th-31st

ATLANTA  PRIDE  August  27th-Sept. 1st

SOUTHERN DECADENCE  –  August 27th-September 1 (not really pride – but a big party)

LAS VEGAS PRIDE  September 2nd-8th

AUSTIN TX  PRIDE   September 20th

DALLAS PRIDE   September 21st

MAUI HAWAII   October 4th-5th

gay pride sick deaths hydrate

GAY PRIDE is a time of celebration and with that, usually comes some drinking.  MAKE SURE YOU DRINK WATER AS WELL!  Keep yourself hydrated! You don’t want to go to the hospital with your boa and go go shorts on!  (poor guy!)



Temple Hotel has First Gay Youth Hostel in Prague

We LOVE PRAGUE. I still think about moving there and debating if I can pack up my life and make the move……

Prague ; Czech: Praha pronounced [ˈpraɦa]  is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic and fourteenth largest city in the European Union.

Situated in the north-west of the country on the Vltava river, the
city is home to about 1.3 million people, while its metropolitan area is
estimated to have a population of nearly 2.0 million. The city has a temperate oceanic climate with warm summers and chilly winters.

Our friends at Club Temple, Little Temple and Hotel Temple  are now launching the first  ever gay youth hostel in Prague! Conveniently located to everything! Shared rooms and private rooms.

This is the 1st gay hostel in Prague..under 25 years old..300kc. Per night shared room!

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In 2011, Prague was the sixth most visited city in Europe.

Prague and the Czech Republic have earned a (generally accurate)
reputation of being more liberal than its neighbours to the east like
Poland or the Baltic States, and Czechs’ attitudes towards issues like
gay rights or drugs are far more tolerant. Homosexuality in the Czech
Republic is legal and the minimum age of consent is 15. The biggest
example of the Czech Republic’s progressive policies towards the
homosexual community would be its passing of historic legislation
legalizing registered partnerships for same-sex couples in July 2006.
There are no laws concerning tourists with HIV/AIDS. The number of
HIV/AIDS sufferers in the country is low.

This means that Prague has far more gay and gay-friendly clubs than
most Eastern European cities, and is quickly becoming a popular travel
destination for gay tourists. By some estimates, nearly 600,000 visitors
to Prague per year have used services aimed at the homosexual community
– though those numbers might be overblown, as most gay clubs don’t deny
entrance to heterosexual guests. Either way, gay tourism has definitely
been on the rise since the 1990s. More than half a dozen new bars or
clubs have opened up in the last year alone and there are around 25 gay
bars, discos and saunas in the city as a whole.



Prague Pride Returns in August 2012


Last year the first ever Prague Pride was organized amid political
controversy, when Czech president Václav Klaus openly criticized having a
Pride event in the capital of the Czech Republic. In spite of his
statements the first Prague Pride was an overwhelming success, with more
than 25.000 visitors. The event turned out to be a human rights
manifestation as well as a celebration all over the city, which had a
lasting impression on all those present.

Prague Pride 2012 will be held from 13 to 19 August 2012 on various attractive locations in the Czech capital.

The ambition of the organizing team is to attract an even higher number
of visitors than last year. With 7 days filled with entertainment,
debates, concerts, exhibitions, theatre and more, Prague Pride 2012 will
represent the Czech LGBT+ community in its full colour and diversity.
With Prague Pride still being a relatively new event, it has a fresh
atmosphere of activism combined with fun, which can no longer be found
in many other, more commercial Prides.

The theme of this year festival is “Bringing our colours together”
with the aim to introduce the general public to the LGBT communities
that are usually hidden from the public eye, such as LGBT Roma, disabled
or transgender persons.

The highlight of the festival will be the parade through the
city centre and the consecutive concert at Střelecký Island on Saturday
the 18th of August
. The route of the Parade will
take the participants from the famous Wenceslav square to the beautiful
Střelekcy Island, where a concert will be held with many local and
international stars.

“We want to show the Czech society as well as visitors from abroad
that we will continue to put Prague on the map as Central and Eastern
Europe’s capital of diversity and as one of Europe’s main LGBT travel
destinations.“  the director of the festival Czeslaw Walek says. By
giving Prague Pride 2012 his auspices, the mayor of Prague acknowledges
the significance of its LGBT community, with Prague Pride becoming a
tradition in Europe’s LGBT summer season.

Prague Pride

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Christmas Holiday in Prague

This year, why not spend your Christmas Holidays differently…

Prague is undeniably one of the most alluring cities in the world and its peculiar Holidays and traditions just make Prague stand out among the rest. 

This year why not try to experience a different Christmas Holidays in Prague. 

  It would be great to have a different kind of experience and spending a holiday in Prague can be a refreshing adventure.

Prague has become one of the favorite destinations of visitors all around the world.  You can make earlier plans to go to Prague to be in time for St. Nicholas Tradition being celebrated in Prague every 5th of December.   On the said day parents make a trip to Old Town Square with their children to see the celebration in full effect between 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. During this time, children in Prague receive their St. Nicholas presents from their parents, family friends, and relatives.  The traditional gifts being given to children are sweets and chocolates that will be put inside the stocking and hidden within the room of the child or children. Christmas Holidays in Prague just can’t get any better. 

The story of the tradition dates back in 4th century in Greece when a bishop known as Nicholas left something for three poor girls on the windowsill in a form of gift money to help them in getting married.  On the evening of St. Nicholas Tradition don’t be surprised to run into some strange characters that represent St. Nicholas, the Angel, and the Devil.  All are wearing costumes and St. Nicholas’ costume is almost the same as that of the traditional Santa Claus costume known all over the world.  One can say that Christmas Holidays in Prague officially began on December 5th.

Aside from the opening celebration of Christmas Holidays in Prague, there are also Christmas markets in Prague that had been a part of their tradition that tourists also enjoy visiting.  Children will have a different kind of experience that will enrich their lives forever.  Prague is a city that can offer some unique and memorable experiences that can be treasured forever.

The most popular markets are on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square where Christmas items are sold in 70 to 80 stands. Smaller ones are located on Namesti Republiky, Havelske Trziste and Namesti Miru. They are all easily accessible by subway.

The markets themselves consist of traditional wooden chalets that line the market squares and are nicely decorated. You will find there traditional Christmas decorations, holiday items and hand-crafted gifts together with fresh food and drinks. They are usually open from 9am to 7pm.

A Magnificent place to stay right near everything is  JEWEL  HOTEL. Originally build as a old bourgeoisie house. Some of the original brickwork from the beginning of 13th century can be found in it’s basement.Over the centuries the house was rebuild many times and therefore many architectural styles can be found here. The gold painted ceiling with the motifs of jewels in the ground floor is very unique and is also heritage listed. This decoration was created at the beginning of the 20th century when a prestigious jeweler come into the building. The repair of the crown jewels of Czech Monarchs was one of his many commissions. Therefore the name – Jewel (U Klenotníka). The whole building was reconstructed and turned into a hotel in 1994. The house kept it’s historical look, but at the same time it is elegantly furnished with modern interior and some art pieces of contemporary artist were installed.

They also offer special packages, like a Wine Appreciaition package, Girls Getaway package,  and  a Romance gift basket. Jewel Café Bar and Restaurant is connected to the hotel. It  will absorb you with its uniqueness and ambient atmosphere. More than 10,000 crystals will attract your eyes. Sense of smell and taste will be satisfied with our fine modern cuisine. Every two months  a new menu is created  by the chefs. Amazing food – reasonably priced. Check availability and book online!

December 24 is the most gratifying day of the Christmas Holidays in Prague.  Its Czech name when translated means ‘Generous Day’ which can be attributed to the food being served for dinner at Christmas.  The eve of Christmas for many Czechs usually has connections with their superstitious beliefs that have something to do with destiny, love, and life.  One Czech tradition at Christmas believes that fasting in that particular day will make them see the ‘golden piglet’ when night falls.

Christmas Holidays in Prague will truly be one great experience to enjoy.  Czechs have many exciting and peculiar things to offer and all are treasures worth experiencing.


First Gay Pride Celebration in Prague a Big Success

Several thousand people marched in the first LGBT Pride parade in the Czech capital Saturday as riot police contained antigay protesters assembled to decry the event.


As Saturday’s march went ahead in light drizzle, riot police held back dozens of far-right extremists who had gathered to shout abusive slogans. But the abuse and moist conditions did not dampen the party atmosphere, as marchers danced to music played from loudspeakers mounted on vans.

The BBC reports on the inaugural Pride march and five-day festival, which took place despite claims from Deputy Chancellor Petr Hajek that Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda should not support “deviant fellow citizens.” Conservative president Vaclav Klaus backed his aide, but 13 countries, including the United States, issued a statement in support of the celebration.

The BBC reports that Some 300 police officers worked the scene to prevent the kind of clashes between participants and counterprotesters that occurred at a Pride march in Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, in 2008.

The march was to culminate in a series of concerts on an island in the Vltava river, as part of a five-day festival comprising some 80 events — concerts, films, seminars, exhibitions and parties — in 30 venues around the capital.

More photos online at  BLESK