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Hocking Hills State Park Voted BEST Campgroud in USA

The premier website for camping and hiking,, has just released its list of Best Campgrounds in America, and Hocking Hills State Park is now ranked as the #1 campgound in the United States.  Located in the heart of Ohio’s stunning Hocking Hills region, the campground beat out hundreds of camping sites across America, including the famed Yosemite National Park, which came in second, and Mt. Rainier National Park, which is ranked #14. uses a specially designed algorithm to rank campsites and determine the popularity of each one.  The system accounts for the average ratings, number of reviews and the number of people who have camped or wish they could stay at the campground.


Trailblaze describes Hocking Hills State Park Campground as offering “a variety of recreational opportunities in a splendid natural setting. Towering cliffs, waterfalls and deep hemlock-shaded gorges lure the hiker and naturalist and serve as a backdrop to popular facilities and accommodations.” is the foremost destination for people to learn about U.S. campgrounds, hiking trails and outdoor recreation gear.  The site posts reviews of campgrounds around the country and gives members the ability to post their own reviews of campgrounds they have visited.  The top feature of the site is the camp ground and hiking trial ranking system, implemented to give users insight into the parks in the country.  It also ranks outdoor gear and hiking trails.


Along with being home to the best campground in the U.S., Hocking Hills is also considered the “canopy tour capital of the Midwest.”  Throughout the lush forests of Hocking Hills exists miles of ziplines, giving campers and other visitors a chance to view the area from above.  However, Ziplines are just one of the many attractions to the Hocking Hills area.  Campers can hike among rugged cliffs, soaring rock faces and roaring waterfalls of Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave or Cedar Falls.  Travelers seeking a break from hiking they can go horseback riding, kayaking or rent ATVs to ride through the immense forests.  Visitors can also tour the last washboard factory in America, or even learn how to blow glass jewelry from a local artist.  No matter what visitors come to do, they will not be disappointed by the thousands of acres of natural scenic beauty of Ohio’s Hocking Hills.

We have told you about the AMAZING B&B we stayed in last year in Hocking Hills.  And it is so close to hustle and bustle of the very gay Columbus Ohio you can easily spend time in the whole area.


Located 40 miles southeast of Columbus, Ohio, the Hocking Hills region offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences that make every day feel like Saturday, with plenty of Admission: FREE activities. The region boasts a wide variety of affordable lodging, from camping, cabins and cottages to hotels and inns.  In addition to hiking trails, parks and forests, the Hocking Hills is the canopy tour capital of the Midwest, with 50 ziplines being offered via three distinct guide services.  Unique gift and antique shops, canoeing, horseback riding, golf, spas and more add to the allure of the Hocking Hills as the perfect place to unplug. Complete traveler information is available or 1-800-Hocking (800-462-5464).


Gay Atlanta loses LGBT Bookstore and Coffehouse

The internet is a great thing. I don’t think we could live without it. However, with everything good comes something bad. And because we now have everything at our fingertips, some brick and mortar businesses are closing their doors.

In  1993,  Outwrite, Atlanta’s gay and lesbian bookstore and coffeehouse opened.

“In May of 2011 we let our community know about our own financial struggle brought on by long term economic conditions and changes in the book industry. It had finally made the rent at our location unaffordable and our future uncertain.

People rushed in, stepped up, volunteered, and offered incredible levels of support and ideas for new business models that bookstores and other community businesses around the country were adopting. Hundreds would come in weekly and tell us how important Outwrite was – and is. Many spoke of how the location was a symbol of strength and diversity in the city.

But it wasn’t enough. We had run out of time to turn the financial situation around. By the end of January we had to close Outwrite for good, putting 10 employees in our community out of jobs and leaving the most recognizable LGBT community landmark empty.”



Gay Texas Couple Survive Italian Cruise Ship Disaster

A gay couple from Austin, Texas, were among those who survived the sinking of
the Costa Concordia cruise ship off the coast of Italy over the weekend.

Blake Miller, left, and Steve Garcia. It was both men’s first cruise and Miller’s first time in Europe. They
told the Today show on Sunday they had been to one of the ship’s bars
and were planning on going to another when the ship started to list.

 After they went back to their cabin, they heard a horrible scraping
sound. Fortunately the couple had read about the location of the
lifeboats. – 
See why it is important to pay attention to safety features?!

Read more at  Dallas Voice

*The captain of the  ship  is being
interrogated by prosecutors and a judge will decide on whether to keep
him under arrest for allegedly abandoning the vessel before rescue
efforts ended.

Cptn. Francesco Schettino was ordered by a Coast Guard official to return to the cruise
liner to help with rescue efforts about three hours after the accident,
according to audio of telephone conversations between them posted on
daily Corriere della Sera’s website today.

Schettino didn’t return to the ship and took a taxi on Giglio before
being arrested, media including Sky TG24 said. He is accused of
manslaughter and abandoning the Costa Concordia when passengers were
still on board “since we know he was in the harbor about midnight,”
Francesco Verusio, chief prosecutor in Grosseto, said in a Jan. 15
interview. He is also accused of causing the accident that left at least
six people dead.


OUT IN AC Present Miss’d America Pageant Jan 21-22

What sounds like some saucy entertainment will unfold in
Atlantic City at Harrah’s Resort and at Boardwalk Hall the weekend
of Jan. 21 and 22.

This will be the fourth consecutive year that Caesars
Entertainment Corp., parent company of the Harrah’s, Bally’s,
Caesars and Showboat casinos, has hosted the gay-friendly “Out in
AC” weekend of partying.

Caesars Entertainment has moved up the timing of “Out in AC”
this year to have it coincide with the annual Miss’d America
Pageant, a campy, drag-queen spoof of the straight-laced Miss
America Pageant that made its home in Atlantic City for 84 years
before sashaying off to Las Vegas in 2005.

“Every year, these uniquely tailored events bring in new guests
ready to experience Atlantic City in a whole new open light,” said
Jennifer Weissman, regional vice president of marketing for Caesars
Entertainment. “‘Out in AC’ weekend is all about diversity, pride
and, of course, having a little fun.”

“I absolutely believe that we’re growing our reputation as a
gay-friendly town,” Weissman said.

Other Atlantic City casinos have also staged gay-themed special
events or opened attractions catering to the LGBT market. Trump Taj
Mahal Casino Resort once held gay bingo nights. More recently,
Resorts Casino Hotel hired the Atlantic City gaming industry’s
first LGBT marketing director and also opened the first gay
nightclub inside a casino.

Other Atlantic City casinos have also staged gay-themed special
events or opened attractions catering to the LGBT market. Trump Taj
Mahal Casino Resort once held gay bingo nights. More recently,
Resorts Casino Hotel hired the Atlantic City gaming industry’s
first LGBT marketing director and also opened the first gay
nightclub inside a casino.

Miss’d  America  on FACEBOOK

MORE information online

BOOK A ROOM NOW with us and SAVE!


La Cage Aux Folles National Tour Dates

New Winner of 3 Tony Awards® including BEST MUSICAL REVIVAL, this hilarious new production of LA CAGE AUX FOLLES is ON THE MOST ‘TOP 10’ LISTS OF ANY MUSICAL THIS SEASON!

With George Hamilton and Christopher Sieber.  George Hamilton is everything Hollywood we know and love—dashing, debonair, and full of tenacity as Georges. The talented Tony Nominated Christopher Sieber played  Georges on Broadway, opposite Harvey Fierstein. Now he plays the role of Albin/Zaza.

They are joined on stage by Billy Harringtan
Tighe as Jean-Michel, Bernard Burak Sheredy as M. Renaud/M. Dindon,
Cathy Newman as Mme. Dindon/ Mme. Renaud, Jeigh Madjus as Jacob, Gay
Marshall as Jacqueline, Allison Blair McDowell as Anne, Dale Hensley as
Francis, Ashley Kate Adams as Colette, Danny Vaccaro as Tabarro, Matt
Anctil as Angelique, Mark Roland as Hanna, Donald Shorter, Jr. as
Chantal, Trevor Downey as Phaedra, Logan Keslar as Bitelle, Terry Lavell
as Mercedes, Todd Thurston as Male Ensemble (waiter), SuEllen Estey as
Female Ensemble Adult, Todd Lattimore as Male Swing, Christophe
Caballero as Male Swing and Rylyn Juliano as Female Swing.

LA CAGE tells the story of Georges, the
owner of a glitzy nightclub in lovely Saint-Tropez, and his partner
Albin, who moonlights as the glamorous chanteuse Zaza. When Georges’ son
brings his fiancée’s conservative parents home to meet the flashy pair,
the bonds of family are put to the test as the feather boas fly! LA CAGE
is a tuneful and touching tale of one family’s struggle to stay
together… stay fabulous… and above all else, stay true to

With a glorious score of hummable melodies and a
dynamite cast featuring the “notorious and dangerous Cagelles,” LA CAGE
is an indisputable musical comedy classic… and this extraordinary new
version shows you why!

The national tour  launched this past  October in Des Moines, IA.  We saw the show in Chicago , this past week.  It runs through Jan. 1st then off to

     St Louis    Jan 3-15th. 

   Washington DC   Jan 17-Feb 12th

  West Palm Beach, FL  Feb 14-19th

    Tampa, FL   Feb  21st-26th

    Naples, FL     Feb  28th-March 4th

    Wilmington, DE  March   6th-11th

    Pittsburgh, PA   March 13th-18th

    Memphis, TN  March 20th-25th

    Dallas, TX  April 10th-22nd

    Houston, TX  April 24th-May 6th

    San Antonio, TX  May 8th-13th

    Tempe, AZ   May 15th-20th

    Charlotte, NC  May 29th-June 3rd

    Orlando, FL   June 5th-June 10th

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL  June 12th – June 24th

     Los Angeles, CA  July 10th-July 22nd

     Costa Mesa, CA   July 24th-Aug 5th



Jack Mackenroth Calendar for Charity!

OK, so this has nothing to do with Gay Travel or Gay Cities!  BUT, it is a very important cause, close to my heart and I wanted to share it with you.

EVERYONE needs a calendar, right? And they make great gifts! And who doesn’t want hottie, model and activist, Jack Mackenroth  hanging on their wall?

This AUTOGRAPHED, high-quality, glossy, 15-month calendar is available for sale now!

The calendar begins in January 2012 and continues through May 2013. Each month features a different photographer with a very different style.

Photographers taking part int the project include Adam Bouska (NOH8), Rick Day, Carsten Fleck, Frank Louis, James Franklin, Karl Giant, Tommy Synnamon, Mattheus Lian, Richard Gerst, Ray John Pila, Sonny Tong, Thomas Evans, Krys Fox and Preston Cros with over 17 amazing images in total.

The calendar’s dimensions are 8.5 x 11 inches, and are available online for $14.95 (plus tax and shipping). Please allow 2 weeks for shipping as Jack is signing and shipping them all personally. Please be patient.

100-percent of the proceeds from the calendar will go directly to amfAR, The American Foundation for AIDS Research ( to help find a cure for AIDS.
Mackenroth has been living with the disease for 22 years. As the first television personality since Pedro Zamora to be vocal about his HIV status, Jack Mackenroth has quickly become the most visible, out HIV+ advocate and educator in the country… if not the world. With the release of his 2012 calendar, he hopes to raise both money and awareness for AIDS research, and to show through his photographs that a person living with HIV can be in top physical form, healthy and sexy.


Dallas Gay FundRaising Super Hero Patti Le Plae Safe

DALLAS VOICE did a great article this week  on Rodd Gray aka Patti Le Plae Safe.

For 25 years now,  has lived sort of a double life: By day, he is mild-mannered hair stylist Hott Rodd the Hair God, but by night he transforms into , fundraising super hero!  Raising thousands of dollars for  AIDS charities, as well as other causes.

Gray described himself as an independent person who can take care of himself, and who also wants to try to help take care of others, too. It’s a philosophy that grew, he said, from his Orange Power, the name he has for his personal spirituality that grew out of a blend of what he saw as the best teachings from more traditional teachings.

“I just think of it as this warm, orange glow that surrounds me and protects me, and that makes me want to keep doing the right thing,” Gray said. “That’s what it’s about, really: doing the right thing. Paying it forward.

“I watched that movie, Pay It Forward, back when it came out, and it really changed my life,” Gray continued. “That’s what I had always tried to do anyway, but that movie really made me think about it, really made me recommit myself to that.”

Gray said he “stopped counting” years ago, but that he estimates that Patti Le Plae Safe, in all her incarnations and at events around the country, has raised “well over $1 million” for charity through the years. But he is also quick to add that it’s not the amount that’s important; what’s important is that he tried.

PLEASE  read the full article at the Dallas Voice.  It is very heartwarming, inspirational, and motivational


Demise of the Gay Neighborhoods? LGBT folks Assimilating More

A couple years ago there was a great book Greetings From the Gayborhood: A Look Back at the Golden Age of Gay Neighborhoods  …

From the Castro to Chelsea, Greetings From the Gayborhood, celebrates twelve traditionally gay neighborhoods in America, past and present. Featuring archival images along with nostalgic and sometimes kitschy ephemera (bar ads, event programs, matchbooks, flyers, and more) this scrapbook-style collection is the perfect souvenir for where the boys are and were.

Donald F. Reuter has chronicled the evolution of gay neighborhoods in twelve cities—Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC—and studied how gentrification has affected them and their role in the greater community. Greetings From the Gayborhood is a spirited and sexy time capsule that celebrates the history, creativity, and longevity of gay America.

According to the gay-oriented travel guide Damron’s, the number of self-described gay bars and clubs in the U.S. has dropped 13 percent since 2005.

The reason is that as gay people report feeling more accepted by society, many feel less need to self-segregate…but also, there are more of us now! 

There was also a recent article on REDISTRICTING and how we will affect that.

I think we will always have gay neighborhoods, but as more and more gays people come out, more and more of us blend and assimilate. WE ARE EVERYWHERE!


Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah

On any given day, there are about 1,700 dogs, cats and other animals living at the Best Friends sanctuary, in Kanab UTAH. This is the nation’s largest animal sanctuary. Everything from bunnies and parrots to horses and pigs!  They come for special care from shelters and rescue groups all across the country. Many of them just need a few weeks of special care before they’re ready to go to good new homes with loving families.

(The city of Kanab, county seat of Kane County, is often called “Little Hollywood” because of its film-making history over the years.

This town of 4,300 sits at the hub of the southwest’s national parks and offers exciting vacation opportunities year round. Kanab is located seven miles north of the Arizona border on U.S. Alternate 89, and is centrally located between Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ, Albuquerque, NM, Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT.)

The animals come to the sanctuary from far and wide. “But once they’re here, we make sure that nothing bad will ever happen to them again.

But there are also those who are the outcasts of society – unwanted, lame, too traumatized by past abuse, or too old, handicapped, or ill. For these lovable, innocent creatures, Best Friends is a unique home and haven. There’s just nothing else like it anywhere. “


It’s easy to become a volunteer and takes only a few minutes to sign up. You can volunteer at our beautiful sanctuary in Kanab, Utah; in your community, or right from your own home.

Utah Pride Center



As a fourth generation New Yorker I am so proud to see Marriage Equality happen in my lifetime in the place where gay liberation was born. 

As someone who grew up as an orthodox Jew its  also great to see other people from religious communities understand that this is not a religious issue but an issue of civil rights.
New York is where gay liberation in this country began so it only makes sense for New York to be one of the first states to make marriage equality a reality.   And for this to pass during gay pride—it is truly a day to feel proud of being a New Yorker and American on the right side of history.” 
Ari Gold/Singer, Writer, Performer and Gay Activist

Highly accomplished and openly gay pop artist Sir Ari Gold is a buzz worthy, subculture celebrity in his own right, quickly winning over critics far beyond the reach of the LGBT community. 

Shortly after the release of his captivating and controversial “Make My Body Rock” single, Ari releases the second single off his fourth studio album Between the Spirit & the Flesh.  “Sparkle” emerged with instant interest-catching soul and flavor.  The track features Sarah Dash of Labelle (Patti Labelle and Nona Hendrix) to add a powerhouse female vocal that plays well with Ari’s range and strength.

This self-empowerment anthem is a rallying cry against bullies, but most importantly one’s own view of self-worth.  The music video is directed by acclaimed visual artist and HIV/AIDS activist Duane Cramer.  Making cameo appearances in the “Sparkle” music video are underground NYC superstars, LadyFag, Stephan Keating, Mila Jam, Laverne Cox (from VH-1’s Transform Me) and even Sir Ari’s mother. 

As the mainstream catches up to this pioneering recording and performing artist’s future-forward genius, “Sparkle” continues Sir Ari’s unwavering commitment to LGBT rights and equality.

“There are some out gay artists who want to sort of push aside their sexuality,” he continues, “and that makes them more palatable to straight people. You’ve got to deal with the fact that I do actually like to have sex with men. I’m not just some funny, campy entertainer for straight people to laugh at.”   (Read more of this interview from 2004.)

The NYU and Yale-educated Gold has been doing the national pride circuit  — he is promoting his new album but also  celebrating  his connection with his gay fans.  –  This week he is ST PETERSBERG and  October in ATLANTA!

SPARKLE   video


SHERRY VINE – Looking for a Good Time..In a City Near You

From New York to LA,
from Berlin to Budapest, 
international superstar 
Sherry Vine
has toured the world!  

Sherry is one of our favorite NY Divas is back this month with a brand new, all original song –  LOOKING FOR A  GOOD TIME.

Directed by Francis Legge.
Song by Sherry and DJ Gomi


Sat June 11 – Boston Gay Pride

Fri & Sat  June 17-18 – Zurich Gay Pride

Wed June 22 – Vienna

Sat & Sun June 25-26 – Antwerp Gay Pride

Thurs June 30 – Cabaret Mado, Montreal

Sat July 2 – Toronto

Wed July 6 – Blue Moon, Rehoboth with Joey Arias

Sat July 16 – Jungle Club, Atlanta (tix at


SAN FRANCISCO Says NO to Male Circumcision

A proposal to ban the circumcision of male children in San Francisco has been cleared to appear on the November ballot, setting the stage for the nation’s first public vote on what has long been considered a private family matter.

But even in a city with a long-held reputation for pushing boundaries, the measure is drawing heavy fire. Opponents are lining up against it, saying a ban on a religious rite considered sacred by Jews and Muslims is a blatant violation of constitutional rights.

If the measure passes, circumcision would be prohibited among males under the age of 18. The practice would become a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or up to one year in jail. There would be no religious exemptions.

The proposed ban appears to be the first in the country to make it this far, though a larger national debate over the health benefits of circumcision has been going on for many years. Banning circumcision would almost certainly prompt a flurry of legal challenges alleging violations of the First Amendment’s guarantee of the freedom to exercise one’s religious beliefs.

Supporters of the ban say male circumcision is a form of genital mutilation that is unnecessary, extremely painful and even dangerous. They say parents should not be able to force the decision on their young child.

Read more:


Get a Backstage pass with Priscialla’s NICK ADAMS for a $500 donation to the NYC AIDS WALK

We just saw PRISCILLA on Broadway  this week!  WOW!  What an eye-popping, show-stopping performance!  Everyone does a fantastic job, but of course, our heart has always belonged to Nick Adams, since I first saw him onstage in 2005. 

We’ll be covering it more in a couple weeks, and catching up with the ever adorable, super-talented Nick Adams with an interview  on our sister site, in the coming weeks!

But for now, you should know,  will be singing at the kick off of the 2011 AIDS Walk NY on May 15th! 

And Nick is walking and raising money again this year.  Nick is part of the BROADWAY IMPACT group which is a community of actors, directors, stage managers, fans, producers — pretty much anyone who has ever seen, been in or worked on a Broadway show — united by the simple belief that anyone who wants to should be able to get married.
“We’re  very proud to be apart of the 2011 NY Aids Walk!”  

Nick gives, and gives and gives whenever he can to great causes like Broadway Bares and AIDS WALK NY.  (He has even been crowned Broadway Hero by  “I enjoy giving my time to great causes, and it makes me feel good to know I can help in some way.”

Nick sent us this note, to share with our readers….He had a goal of raising $3000  originally.  He is almost at  $20,000!!!!   And there are just a few days left to raise money!

Thanks for everyone who donated after my last e-mail for AIDS Walk NYC! I was able to break my original goal of $3,000 and am now the #1 fundraiser from the cast! Thanks!

I wanted to up the stakes and see if we could get some more folks giving. If you’ve ever dreamt about getting a backstage tour of Priscilla from me, this is your chance. For every person that gives $500 or more, I will arrange to give you a personal backstage tour. Simply get tickets to the show of your choice and I’ll meet you after the show and give you a private tour. Some people have been paying $5,000 – $10,000 to get backstage tours, so to be able to get one in exchange for a tax deductible dontation of only $500, is AMAZING.

Since we reached my personal goal of raising $3,000 I will pick one lucky subscriber to recieve an autographed program from the show.

If we hit $6,000 I will send out 5 autographed programs, and if we break $15,000 I will send someone special a program / poster autographed by everyone in the entire cast!

Additionally, anyone donating $500 or more, I will send them an autographed program (simply email us a proof of donation along with your shipping address) AND I WILL GIVE THEM A PRIVATE BACKSTAGE TOUR ($5k value).

~ Nick Adams

 Nick Adams’ Donation Page for AIDS WALK NYC


LGBT Gay Survey Online – You Could Win $100


We would like to invite you to take a new survey about your opinions and preferences, from an LGBT perspective.

There’s Power in our Pride! Participating in this study helps open minds and doors around the world, and influences positive changes for our community. Last year’s survey yielded 45,000 respondents from 100+ countries! You may have seen CMI research quoted in the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, etc.

Click here to start the survey, or paste the following into your browser:
It takes about 10 minutes.

Everyone who completes the survey by June 15th will be entered into a drawing to win one of five $100 cash prizes, or if you win, you can designate a charity to receive the $100.

If you have LGBT friends around the world who might be interested in this survey, please forward this message to them. And please post it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts!


‘Anti Crucifix’ Video Begins Screening ‘Museum Of Censored Art’ on Smithsonian’s Doorstep

The Museum of Censored Art
will open to the public on
Thursday, January 13, 2011,

on the Smithsonian’s doorstep, announced art and free speech activists Mike Blasenstein and Michael Dax Iacovone today. The free speech advocates will open the Museum of Censored Art in a mobile office trailer outside the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, where they will screen the film censored by the Smithsonian, “A Fire In My Belly” by the late gay artist David Wojnarowicz .

The work was part of the larger “Hide/Seek” exhibit of gay and lesbian portraiture currently at the National Portrait Gallery. However, the piece was removed Nov. 30 by Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough after anti-gay groups labeled it “anti-Christian.” The same groups that succeeded in having the Wojnarowicz film censored originally wanted the entire “Hide/Seek” exhibit removed from the Gallery.

WHAT: The Museum of Censored Art. “Showing the art the Smithsonian won’t.” A mobile office trailer converted into a temporary gallery exhibiting the censored film as well as educational materials about the controversy. URL: Dont Censor

WHEN: January 13, 2011, 11:30 AM . Normal operating hours will mirror National Portrait Gallery hours: 11:30 AM – 7:00 PM every day through February 13, 2011.

WHERE: 7th & F Streets NW, Washington, DC, in the curb lane on F Street outside the entrance to the National Portrait Gallery.

WHO: DC-based activists Mike Blasenstein and Michael Dax Iacovone — the “iPad protesters” who were banned from Smithsonian property after playing the film inside the museum on an iPad. Protest video: Protest  .

“We are displaying this art on the doorstep of the National Portrait Gallery to restore the censored art to the Smithsonian, keep the censored art visible and accessible to the public, and hold the Smithsonian accountable for its actions,” Blasenstein said.



OY VEY! My Son Is Gay! Comes to Ohio and Florida!

After making the rounds at LGBT film festivals WORLDWIDE, and winning countless awards, OY VEY! MY SON IS GAY begins opening in theaters this weekend!

Directed by Evgeny Afineevsky and starring
Golden Globe, Emmy and Tony Award nominee Lainie Kazan, Saul Rubinek, Carmen Electra, Vincent Pastore, Tony Award winner John Lloyd Young, Emmy Award winner Jai Rodriguez, and Emmy Award winner Bruce Vilanch.

Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay! is a family romantic comedy roller-coaster ride of laughs and shows how far we come and yet how far we still have to go.  The star-studded cast and wonderful story will have you laughing – and talking and thinking.

At a time where society is currently in dire stress, the public is even more challenged to find channels for relief and escape.  The film, “OY VEY! MY SON IS GAY!” delivers a very powerful message through the language of humor, and successfully combines the elements of fun, laughter, love, respect, tolerance and the  value of relationships.  It finds humor in the most awkward situations, but remains a powerful reminder that LOVE IS LOVE.

This movie was a long journey of 8 years of hard work, which finally resulted in a heartwarming and inspirational family comedy with an amazing and accomplished cast.

The film’s director, Evgeny Afineevksy (born in Russia, raised in Israel and currently living in the USA)  utilized powerful tools and different multicultural elements (drawn from his multicultural background) to make the movie unique.  He created the movie with a fresh perspective on a very unusual and sensitive matter; mixing elements of light language of comedy with sincerity; treating today’s  tough and sensitive subject with empathy and humor; and, creating funny and relatable characters, allowing the humor to progress from and within the characters.  “OY VEY! MY SON IS GAY! was awarded the Best Script at the 41st Houston World Festival and the Monaco Film Festival, and won over 20 different awards internationally during last year.

Every mother wants their child to get married and have a family.

This is the story of  a Jewish family living in the North Shore of Long Island, where every Friday night Shirley Hirsch (Lainie Kazan) invites another “perfect” girl for Shabbat dinner in hopes that her son, Nelson (John Lloyd Young), will marry a nice Jewish girl.

When Shirley and Martin (Saul Rubinek) once again set him up on a date, Nelson reveals that he is already seeing someone. Shirley and Martin are thrilled and can’t wait to meet the lucky lady.

 In a motherly attempt at finding out who her son is dating, Shirley stops by Nelson’s apartment. She is greeted by Angelo Ferraro (Jai Rodriguez), Nelson’s live-in boyfriend, and in order to not divulge Nelson’s secret life, Angelo introduces himself as his decorator! And the plot thickens!



Starting December 24, 2010
‘Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!’ is playing at
AMC Theaters – Lennox Town Center 24
(777 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212)
Movie Times: 1-888-AMC 4FUN (888-262-4386)   /   Guest Services: (614)429-0100

Cast members with the director, producer and writer will be there to “MEET & GREET” after the movie!
Come out and show your support for this wonderful movie!

Starting January 7, 2011   –  playing at
REGAL South Beach Cinemas 18
( 1120 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 ) (T: 305-674-6766)

Sunrise Intracoastal Cinemas
( 3701 Northeast 163rd Street, North Miami, FL 33160) (T: 954-871-4178)

Regal Shadowood 16
(9889 West Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434) (T: 561-482-2638)

Regal Cinemas Delray 18
(1660 South Federal Highway, Delray Beach, FL 33483) (T: 561-272-0510)

More dates  coming soon!  Check the website and links below!
OY VEY MY SON IS GAY official site
Watch the Trailer
Oy Vey  on  Facebook

Best Gay


Give a Holiday Present to Best Friends and Help Save a Pet


Frazzled from shopping yet?  Tired of the crowds?

Take a break from your travel reading  for just a moment and this will put a smile on your face !

Watch these adorable dogs decorate cookies and get ready to celebrate the holidays in style. They’re not only spreading good cheer, they have an important message to share— Make a holiday wish come true for a homeless dog or cat…ADOPT!

Many gay homes are  not complete without some cute little critter roaming around—a compact pincher, a rare breed cat or, in my case, the random leopard tortoise!  A study shows that 7 out of 10 gays own pets! and 9 out of 10 gays say their pet is “a member of the family” and 2/3rds of gays have BOUGHT THEIR PET A HOLIDAY PRESENT!

HOMELESS PETS – It’s so sad.  Best Friends Animal Society   is a nonprofit organization building no-kill programs and partnerships that will bring about a day when there are No More Homeless Pets®. At the core of Best Friends’ work is the dream that one day kindness will replace cruelty, and animals will no longer be destroyed because they are unwanted or imperfect. Spaying and neutering will be the rule for all pets and adoption will be the first option for everyone. Making this dream a reality is the mission we call No More Homeless Pets. The society’s leading initiatives in animal care and community programs are coordinated from its Kanab, Utah, headquarters, the country’s largest no-kill sanctuary. This work is made possible by the personal and financial support of a grassroots network of supporters and community partners across the nation. 

Sponsor an animal. Help buy food. Donate a dollar or two. Your contribution to Best Friends goes straight to work helping tens of thousands of animals both at the sanctuary at Best Friends and through outreach and rescue programs all around the country.

For more information visit: 

(there are lots of fun videos on their site – sure to make you smile!)


Jay Brannan Singer Songwriter On Tour

Jay Brannan
is an openly gay musician, singer, songwriter with a voice and has a musical ability that matches his exceptional good looks and natural ability. You may have seen him in Short Bus or Holding Trevor.

While he is gay, he does not like being labeled as such, “I hate having my sexual orientation used as a title or a genre. It pisses me off. I just want to be a regular musician like anyone else.

When Lisa Loeb sings, she’s singing about her life, her relationships, her experiences. No one ever says she’s singing “straight songs” or that she’s singing about “straight issues”. No one ever says that Whitney Houston’s or Seal’s songs are about “what it’s like being a black person”. At the end of the day, we’re all the same and we all go through the same shit. The rest is just details.”

“I disagree that any of my songs “describe gay relationships”. I don’t think that the singer’s gender and the gender of the other character(s) in the song really affect what the song is about, and I hope we are closing in on the day that people can see that.”

His first full length album was Goddamned   in 2008, followed by   In Living Cover in 2009.  Jay says he is influenced by Lisa Loeb, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Bjork, Sinead O’connor, Joni Mitchell  and  Jack Daniels! “In terms of my music, I feel like it’s pretty representative of me. It’s pretty cynical, it’s pretty dark, it’s pretty honest. That’s who I am. But for some reason, people can accept it in music. ”Oh, I relate to it so much. Thanks for saying all the things I’ve been thinking. I thought I was the only one.” Etcetera. And then they turn right back around and they’re like, ”Why are you so sad all the time? Can’t you smile more?” I want to be like, ”You can have one or the other.” If I was that person everyone seems to want me to be, the music would be very different. And probably no one would care.”

Pretty much everything I write comes from my own reality. Anger and pain and frustration are my main motivating factors for writing, and I try to be as honest and accurate in my lyrics as I can. That’s not to say every song is a complete literal account of a real life event, though some are. Sometimes I combine a couple different relationships or experiences into one song, but make it all one story for the sake of the song. Or sometimes you take an emotion or sentiment and magnify it a little to make it more interesting. You only have three or four minutes, so sometimes you make adjustments so that each song is coherent in such a small amount of words, but it definitely is a patchwork of reality. That’s my goal, anyway.”

Everything about Jay Brannan’s young career is improbable. Defying legions of critics both personal and professional, he has managed to build a shockingly dedicated following in a very non-traditional way.

Though kicked out of acting school for alleged lack of ability, he entered the film arena with a standout performance in 2005’s Shortbus , and achieved rising cult star status upon the film’s worldwide release. Urged to “play it straight” during his Southern upbringing, he has become a lightning rod for castaways by simply being himself: a neurotic and inspiring mess.

A self-described loner and a passionate insomniac, Jay found himself spending countless hours on the Internet cultivating his online networks and answering emails from around the globe. His burgeoning online following tipped when he posted a 3:00 a.m. laptop performance of “Soda Shop” on YouTube, which found itself featured on the website’s homepage and has since been viewed 1.5 million times. “I was a random guy at home fucking around with his computer, thinking no one would ever watch the video if I posted it. I guess I was wrong.”

He has gone on to post every new song as it’s been written. These online videos have accumulated millions of plays and their response has given Brannan the confidence to take his musical ambitions full time.

“I’m just a little bit honored that people relate to my music at all and feel the impulse to even write me to tell me that. The feedback is partly what keeps me doing it. When I write songs and play them, it’s never really for other people, or what other people think. It’s really my way of expressing myself, or giving voice to thoughts that have been racing around in my head for years and years. At the same time, the feedback and some of the validation has kept me pursuing it as a career, because that part is really, really tough.”

Wednesday December 8
Salt Lake City, UT
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Friday December 10
Chicago, IL
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Sunday December 12
Houston, TX
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Monday December 13
Austin, TX
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Tuesday December 14
Dallas, TX
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Tuesday January 18
Los Angeles, CA
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Friday January 21
San Francisco, CA
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Sunday January 23
Phoenix, AZ
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Friday February 4
New York, NY
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Jay Brannan on YouTube


LOGOs “TripOut Gay Travel Awards” Honors Gay-Friendly Destinations and Travel

Los Angeles’ “The Abbey”,
American Airlines and
Madrid Gay Pride
Return as Reigning Champions

Logo, a unit of Viacom’s MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), announces today that , its comprehensive travel site dedicated to the LGBT traveler and MTV Network’s first stand-alone, travel-focused site, will reveal its second annual “TripOut Gay Travel Awards” at London’s World Travel Market – the premier global event for the travel industry.
Logo and IGLTA (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, will co-sponsor “The TripOut Gay Travel Awards, co-hosted by IGLTA”where Editor-in-Chief, John Polly, will announce this year’s winners at the World Travel Market. The awards once again honor the most stylish, exciting and hottest destinations and services that attract, pamper and market to the LGBT traveler.

“Our participation in the World Travel Market proves that is a highly-regarded resource for gay-friendly travel,” said John Polly, Editor-in-Chief, “This recognition, in addition to our partnership with the IGLTA, showcases us as one of the premier sources for gay travel planning.”

This year’s winners reveal valuable news for the travel industry and the traveler looking for “gay approved” travel destinations and businesses. recruited an academy of seasoned writers, editors and travel experts covering the LGBT travel market to comprise this year’s list of nominations. However, it is up to the site’s readers and fans to determine who deserves the title for the best gay destination, tour operator or hospitality service.

Some highlights include:

New York City reigns supreme as the premier LGBT global travel destination for 2010 by winning “Best Global Destination.”

Returning favorites won for a second year in a row including: American Airlines for “Best Airline,” “The Abbey” in Los Angeles for “Best Gay Bar in the World” and Madrid Pride for Best Annual Gay Destination (Party or Event).

Canada solidifiesits position as a well-known “gay approved” travel destination winning “Best Breakout Destination” for Toronto. In addition, Charles Lapointe of Tourisme Montréal receives “The Gay+ Award for Achievement in Making Our World Gayer.” Lapointe can aptly be described as a forefather and architect of Canadian and Montréal LGBT travel.

Rio De Janiero won the popular vote of “Sexiest Place on Earth” destination by a staggering 58% of the user-generated votes.
In addition, recognizes Charles Lapointe of Tourisme Montréal with the “The Gay+ Award for Achievement in Making Our World Gayer.” The award goes to an organization or travel professional who has increased awareness of the LGBT consumer in the world of travel, tourism and hospitality.

Best Gay Cities

Best Gay Travel Guide

Best Gay New York


We’re here…We’re Queer…COUNT US CENSUS!


The Consitutionally mandated decennial census begins in March.  Will your same-sex relationship be counted?

The task of the US Census is to count every man, woman and child in the country and in the past has measured everything from income, to housing to health insurance, to illegal aliens.  One of the most important tasks of the Census is for the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives, from which are dervied the total number of electors to the Electoral College – who ultimately vote for our President.

Since 1990 the census has included a designation of “unmarried partner” on the form, it was the first time that same-sex relationships could at least somewhat be acknowledge.  Unfortunately there is no question on the census that allows citizens to designate their sexual identity.


This year there are only 10 questions on the form this year, one of the shortest in history.  Adding a question specifically about sexual oritentation will take quite some time to get included, but at least now if you are in a committed relationship you can attempt to be counted. This years census only asks for name, sex, age, date of birth, hispanic origin, race, household, whether you own or rent your home and your relationship. 

You can still make your gay voice be heard by requesting a copy of the sticker at the top of this page and affix it to your US Census envelope when you return it to the government. 

Head over to Queer the Census and request your own sticker to tell the government that we need to be included.



Even though the results aren’t officially reported, the raw numbers reveal that 145,000 same-sex couples identified as married or “unmarried partners” in 1990 (before any legal recognition in the U.S. even existed) and close to 600,000 same-sex couples self-reported in 2000. The Obama administration has reversed a Bush-era policy, so in the 2010 Census, a report will be released that outlines official information about same-sex couples. Here are some quick instructions on how to make sure your family is reported correctly.

What Box Do You Check?
If you are in a relationship and you live together, you have two choices. First, one of you will be designated as “Person 1.” If there is no clear favorite for who should be the head of household, perhaps you could flip a coin, wrestle for it or hold a lip-synching competition. Whoever doesn’t win will be designated as “Person 2.” This person is asked how they are related to Person 1. There are 16 choices, but the two that concern you are “husband or wife” and “unmarried partner.”

This is the important part: You do not answer based on the actual legal status of your relationship, you answer based on how you personally categorize your relationship. If you are legally married, you will probably mark down “husband or wife,” though if you are in a civil union or domestic partnership, yet you still feel married, than you should also mark “husband or wife.” If there is no legal recognition of your relationship where you live, but you still consider yourself married, it’s also important that you mark “husband or wife.”